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Best Jackbox Party Games for 2 Players

Sure, Jackbox Games have made quite the reputation for being inclusive, enjoyable, and, in a hilarious twist, an obvious financial haven for its boss, Mike Bilder. But have you ever thought about them being romantic?

All Jackbox Party Pack Games for Two Gamers

GameTitlePlayer CountExtended Timers?Audience?
FibbageStandalone Game2-8NoNo
You Don’t Know Jack Classic PackStandalone Games1-3NoNo.
Fibbage XLThe Jackbox Party Pack2-8NoNo
Word SpudThe Jackbox Party Pack2-8NoNo
Fibbage 2The Jackbox Party Pack 22-8YesYes
Bomb Corp.The Jackbox Party Pack 21-4NoNo
Trivia Murder PartyThe Jackbox Party Pack 31-8YesYes
GuesspionageThe Jackbox Party Pack 32-8NoYes
Fibbage 3The Jackbox Party Pack 42-8YesYes
You Don’t Know Jack: Full StreamThe Jackbox Party Pack 51-8YesYes
Zeeple DomeThe Jackbox Party Pack 51-6NoNo
Trivia Murder Party 2The Jackbox Party Pack 61-8YesYes
Blather ‘RoundThe Jackbox Party Pack 72-6NoYes
The Wheel of Enormous ProportionsThe Jackbox Party Pack 82-8YesYes
The Poll MineThe Jackbox Party Pack 82-10YesYes
Fibbage 4The Jackbox Party Pack 92-8YesYes
QuixortThe Jackbox Party Pack 91-10YesYes

Why not, indeed! It’s a party for two, after all.

Here’s a rundown of games that are ideal for a pair—be it friends, romantic partners, or even two zany detectives who, despite their stark differences, have to collaborate (and might end up falling in love).

“You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream”

Whether you’re partying hard or chilling with your bestie, there’s no harm in flaunting your intellect. The audacious trivia games of “You Don’t Know Jack” are perfect for a dynamic duo, blending pop culture and high culture into one exciting brain exercise.

And guess what? Without the noisy crowd, you’ll finally appreciate the clever jokes crafted by the witty and modest Jackbox writers.

“Trivia Murder Party & Trivia Murder Party 2”

You and your buddy/parent/lover might be trivia junkies, but nothing beats the thrill of a high-stakes game. Get ready to be punished for wrong answers!

“Trivia Murder Party,” in both its original and sequel forms, offers a nerve-wracking two-person challenge of survival, where wits, luck, and the ability to distract your partner in mini-games come into play. Be warned, this game might turn a simple February evening into a Bloody Valentine! Thunder Crash

“Bomb Corp.”

Feeling guilty about ruthlessly defeating your friend in “Trivia Murder Party”? “Bomb Corp.” takes away the competitive edge and promotes teamwork. If a bomb goes off, at least you’ll be in it together. Heart emoji.

“Bomb Corp.” presents a set of puzzles and tasks that require more teamwork and coordination than passionately kissing while pedaling a tandem bike.


Our two-player games aren’t just for lovers. In “Fibbage,” for example, you might find it helpful to consider your fellow player as a cunning deceiver.

“Fibbage” (both original and XL) poses questions about obscure facts that no one is expected to know. Your job is to fabricate a convincing answer. This can turn into an engaging game of trickery and manipulation. Just in time for the holiday season.


Sometimes, what truly connects two people is their shared tendency to judge others. “Guesspionage” asks you to make predictions based on the opinions of strangers you’ll never meet. Gather points by predicting how large groups of people behave, all without the hassle of actually interacting with them.

Arm yourself with some snacks, a drink or two, and brace yourself to be amazed at how few Americans truly understand rugby rules. SCRUM-diddly-umptious, right?

“Zeeple Dome”

Another thrilling two-player game is “Zeeple Dome.” Launching astronauts at aliens while hollering color names at your partner was precisely St. Valentine’s intent when he…

Well, let’s just say this game has a special place in my heart because my wife and I tied the knot in a Zeeple Dome.

“Blather ‘Round”

Test your telepathic connection with your game partner in “Blather ‘Round.” It’s a guessing game full of blundering, fumbling, and of course, blathering. You compose sentences to describe pop culture events to your friends, but can never seem to find the exact words.

If you could, it wouldn’t be a game! It would be a simple description of things.

“The Wheel of Enormous Proportions”

Nothing says fun for two like being taunted by an omniscient trivia wheel. Enter “The Wheel of Enormous Proportions.” It’s a unique blend of trivia and chance. You must win slices of the Wheel’s majestic face by answering trivia questions before moving onto the spinning round where a lucky streak can secure you a victory.

One of you may be smarter, but who’s the luckier one?


Sort the falling answers into their correct order before they crash to the ground in “Quixort.” Who would’ve thought that organizing things could be this exciting… and competitive?

Not feeling competitive? You and your partner can opt for the co-op mode in “Quixort Forever,” where you’ll have to work together. See how long you can answer questions until your incorrect answers get the better of you.

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