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Chicken Police: Story and Ending Explained

“Chicken Police: Paint it RED!” is a unique blend of film noir and anthropomorphic characters, set in a world that is reminiscent of 1940s film noir settings, but populated by a cast of animal characters. It’s a captivating tale with a rich narrative that focuses on themes of racial tension, crime, and the darker side of society. Here, we delve deep into the narrative of the game, providing an in-depth exploration of the world and the characters that inhabit it.

Setting: Clawville, a Divided City

The game takes place in Clawville, a city where the inhabitants are divided by species and backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of tension and conflict. Despite the advances of civilization, old animal instincts still linger, causing constant friction between the diverse inhabitants. This has set the stage for a story of corruption, mystery, and intrigue.

Main Characters: Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken

The story revolves around Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken, former partners who were once the best detectives in town, also known as the ‘Chicken Police.’ Featherland, an old rooster, is our melancholic, burnt-out protagonist, while MacChicken, a hulking rooster with an energetic spirit, provides the contrasting foil to his partner. These two, despite their differences, make a compelling detective duo, highlighting the theme of camaraderie and friendship amidst chaos.

The Intriguing Case: Deborah Ibanez and Natasha Catzenko

The plot kicks off when a mysterious dame, Deborah Ibanez, visits Featherland, bearing a request from her employer, famous songstress Natasha Catzenko. Catzenko has been receiving threatening messages, and Deborah urges the Chicken Police to investigate. This premise leads to a deep, convoluted investigation, which ultimately spirals into a much larger conspiracy than initially anticipated.

Deeper Plots and Twists

As Featherland and MacChicken investigate, they come across a multitude of characters, each bearing their own secrets and allegiances. The initial investigation takes a grim turn when Deborah is found dead, leading the duo to explore Clawville’s underbelly, royal family, and its connection with the mysterious “Hive.” This case, initially simple, evolves into an existential journey for the characters as they uncover Clawville’s dirty secrets.

The investigation reveals a complicated plot involving the wealthy Wesler brothers, Ibn and Albert, who turn out to be key figures in the storyline. Ibn, who was initially believed to be responsible for the threats, is discovered to have been replaced by his twin brother, Albert. The story takes a darker twist when Albert kills Ibn, in an attempt to conceal his crimes and maintain his newfound identity.

Why Marty shot Sonny?

My understanding of the narrative is as follows: A pivotal case involving Marty’s brother presented a serious conflict between Sonny and Marty. Sonny was convinced that Marty’s brother was guilty, while Marty staunchly defended his innocence. Despite Marty’s protests, Sonny persisted in his pursuit of the supposed perpetrator.

This disagreement culminated in a fraught confrontation where Marty ended up shooting Sonny in the leg. Marty’s action was driven by a sense of betrayal – Sonny had refused to trust his judgment, leaving him with no other choice. Marty’s brother eventually fled Clawville and took refuge in a jungle colony, though he remains a formal suspect and is still wanted by the Clawville authorities. As time went on, Sonny came to the realization that Marty’s brother was indeed innocent.

In addition, it’s worth noting that Sonny exhibited signs of growing instability and unprofessionalism following his wife’s departure, mirroring (albeit to a lesser degree) the character arc of Harry from Disco Elysium. This descent not only led to his eventual dismissal from the force but also resulted in him becoming increasingly estranged from his colleagues.

The Ending of Chicken Police Explained

As we get into the end of the game, we find out that the twin brothers Ibn and Albert Wesler were key figures in the storyline. The notorious wealthy figure, Ibn Wessler, was apparently not behind the threatening messages to Natasha Catzenko, as initially suspected. Instead, his twin brother, Albert, who has secretly assumed his identity, is discovered to be the true culprit. Albert, consumed by jealousy and resentment, had effectively taken over Ibn’s life and was intent on keeping his secret hidden at any cost.

Albert’s decision to take over Ibn’s identity and life leads to further chaos. In order to maintain his cover, Albert is forced to make a fatal decision – he murders his twin brother Ibn. This horrific act provides a stark illustration of how Albert’s warped love for his brother blurred the boundaries between sanity and madness, demonstrating the darker side of affection.

In the game’s climax, Sonny and Marty confront Albert, leading to a tense standoff where Albert’s secrets are finally exposed. The detectives manage to outsmart him, forcing Albert to confess his actions. This culminates in a dramatic showdown, where Albert is revealed as the true antagonist, bringing the main narrative arc to a close.

However, the resolution of the game leaves several threads open-ended. The escalating tensions around the mysterious “Hive” situation suggest that more sinister plots could still be at play within Clawville. The potential romantic development between Sonny and Natasha remains unresolved, opening the possibility for future story developments.

Another intriguing element is the relationship between Sonny and his estranged ex-wife, Molly. Throughout the game, their troubled past is hinted at, but it’s only in the hidden true ending that her potential re-entry into the storyline is suggested. A shadow approaching Sonny’s door strongly implies Molly’s return, sparking speculation and excitement for possible sequels.

To summarize, the ending of “Chicken Police: Paint it RED!” ties up the central storyline while also leaving tantalizing hints of more to come. It brings closure to the murder mystery involving the Wesler brothers and the threats to Natasha, but it also leaves plenty of space for the story to continue in Clawville, with the unresolved “Hive” situation, the potential romantic development between Sonny and Natasha, and the suggested return of Molly.

The Essence of Chicken Police: Paint it RED!

“Chicken Police: Paint it RED!” expertly explores darker societal themes through its noir-inspired narrative, with clever references to classic detective films. The narrative is rich, infused with humor, drama, and action, presented in an immersive anthropomorphic world.

This point-and-click adventure provides a memorable gaming experience with its rich storyline, character development, and gameplay mechanics. The engaging narrative encourages the player to form connections with the characters and empathize with their struggles. The narrative’s complexity, combined with its cliffhanger ending, leaves the player yearning for a sequel to conclude the unfinished business in Clawville.

How to get the secret ending in Chicken Police?

To unlock the hidden ending in one playthrough, you need to find all Chicken Police novels in the game. Once you’ve gathered all of them, the secret ending will play after the credits.

Here’s how to get the hidden ending:

You must find 10 Chicken Police novels which are scattered in the game. Here are their locations:

1- In Chapter 1, at the Police Station, find the novel on the bench near Bosco.

2- In Chapter 1, outside Hop-Dog, spot the novel on the ground near the Fly-Guy.

3- In Chapter 1, in Natasha’s Room, the novel is in the chair behind Natasha.

4- In Chapter 1, at Mullen’s Newsstand, look for the novel on the ground.

5- In Chapter 2, at The Dock, the novel is on the ground.

6- In Chapter 3, at Bubo’s place, find the novel on the surgical table.

7- In Chapter 3, at the Weekend House, the novel is on the hood of the police car.

8- In Chapter 4, at the Insane Asylum, in Albert’s Room, the novel is on the nightstand.

9- In Chapter 4, at Mullen’s Newsstand, the novel is behind the glass of Chandler’s bookstore.

10- In Chapter 4, in Albert’s Bedroom, the novel is on the bed.