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Citizen Sleeper Review – A Heartfelt Journey

Have you ever played a game that transcends its digital boundaries and leaves a lasting impression on your soul? Well, let me introduce you to Citizen Sleeper, a remarkable gem that artfully combines minimalist gameplay with a heartfelt narrative to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Citizen Sleeper greets you with an understated elegance. Its low-intensity, minimalist aesthetic sets the tone for a chill and immersive journey through a half-ruined space station. The characters you encounter at the outset may seem guarded, but as you invest your time and attention, they reveal themselves to be gentle, considerate, and above all, warm individuals. This theme of kindness is ingeniously reflected in every aspect of the game itself.


Right off the bat, you’ll find yourself juggling two key resources: energy and dice. Energy is essential for survival, as your condition will rapidly deteriorate without it. Meanwhile, dice, harkening back to the game’s roots in tabletop RPGs, play a crucial role in determining your success. The more dice you have, the higher your chances of achieving positive outcomes. It may sound clunky on paper, but trust me, the execution is flawless. Citizen Sleeper’s clean, paper-thin UI accentuates its elegance and provides ample space for your choices, imagination, and self to flourish.

In this vast and daunting space station, survival becomes your primary goal. You embark on odd jobs, collecting valuable Chits (the station’s currency) to buy necessities such as energy-boosting noodles or critical supplies required to fight the decay of your own condition. The beginning of the game can feel overwhelming, with a seemingly endless list of social contracts and obligations to fulfill. But within this chaos lies the brilliance of Citizen Sleeper, as it captures the predicament of modern life in a poignant and relatable manner. Balancing demands of work, relationships, and personal well-being echoes our own struggles in the real world.

As you delve deeper into Citizen Sleeper, the game blossoms into a captivating tale of resilience and hope. The characters you encounter, initially symbols, evolve into nuanced and multifaceted individuals. Their stories unravel, revealing mysteries that might ultimately save you from an impending doom. The unyielding human warmth displayed by these characters is heartwarming and captivating, drawing you closer to them as the narrative progresses.


Through the lens of a post-apocalyptic society, Citizen Sleeper offers an allegory that invites introspection. It deftly explores themes of capitalism and the struggle to balance survival and humanity. The game exudes a delicate didacticism, bringing forth thought-provoking questions while instilling a sense of empowerment. It challenges you to find equilibrium within an unforgiving system, ultimately building a life beyond its confines—a life filled with meaning and compassion.

Citizen Sleeper’s post-game existence is where its true magic lies. As you complete tasks and earn upgrade points, you unlock the skill tree that shapes your character’s abilities. This process allows you to escape the clutches of a cycle built on capitalist principles and embrace a world free from its constraints. The experience becomes one of mindful existence, indulging in the simple joys of life rather than chasing materialistic rewards. It’s a breathtaking shift, an invitation to savor the poignant beauty of a liberated existence.

While Citizen Sleeper’s didactic approach might deter some, it remains a testament to its ambition. The game does not shy away from making a point, but it also stimulates the player’s thoughts and emotions. By creating a world that feels undeniably human, Citizen Sleeper transcends the mere act of playing a game and offers an immersive narrative experience. Each interaction, whether it’s navigating complex relationships or confronting the perils of a dystopian society, carries genuine emotional weight.


The game’s visual style further enriches the experience, with static drawings of characters that exude texture, color, and profound emotions. The artwork beautifully complements the game’s atmospheric setting, elevating the narrative to new heights. Moreover, the musical score of Citizen Sleeper is a masterpiece in its own right, providing the perfect backdrop to this unforgettable journey.

In conclusion, Citizen Sleeper is an exceptional indie title that masterfully combines gameplay, narrative, and aesthetics to create an experience that tugs at your heartstrings. Its ability to capture the intricacies of human relationships and survival within a dystopian framework is exemplary. Despite its didactic nature, the game never fails to stimulate and engage, leaving a profound impact on the player long after the final credits roll.

With Citizen Sleeper, the team at Jump Over The Age has created more than just a game; they have crafted a work of art that challenges, inspires, and reminds us of the power of resilience and human connection. So, sit back, immerse yourself in this captivating universe, and allow Citizen Sleeper to transport you to a realm where kindness prevails and hope endures.

Citizen Sleeper is available to buy on Steam, right now.

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