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DEVOUR: The Bone-Chilling Co-Op Game Review

I recently got my hands on a game called DEVOUR, and let me tell you, it’s been one wild ride. This isn’t your everyday walk in the park. You play as a former cult follower trying to stop a nasty demon named Azazel from turning our world into his personal playground. I grabbed a few pals and dove headfirst into this spooky adventure – here’s what went down.

The Setting

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DEVOUR is creepy. Like, really creepy. It tosses you and your friends into some pretty messed up places, with the newest one being ‘The Inn’, added not too long ago for free. Each of the three maps feels like you’re trapped in one of those horror-themed mazes you find at amusement parks around Halloween. While getting lost is kind of exciting when something is chasing you, it’s super frustrating when you’re trying to remember where you spotted an important item earlier in the game.

Where the Magic Happens

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Picture this: You’re running around with an altar piece you just found, trying to figure out where to put it. Your heart’s racing, your palms are sweaty, and all the while, you’re cracking jokes with your buddies. That’s the kind of thrill DEVOUR offers. But let me tell you something – playing alone is like trying to swim with weights tied to your feet. In a group, you might spend about thirty minutes on a task. Alone? Forget about it.

Bumps in the Night

And then there’s Molly – the lady with a scream that can shatter glass. Every character and monster in this game looks like it crawled straight out of a nightmare, especially Zara with her spider legs and human face. Your own teammates can often surprise you too, with their screams and frantic runs from demonic pursuers.

The game will have you jumping at shadows, all thanks to the sound effects that make every creak and groan seem way too close for comfort.

Repetition and Creativity

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DEVOUR’s biggest letdown is that it quickly starts to feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over. Whether you’re in a farmhouse or the inn, your goal is always to gather ten items while something unspeakably evil chases you down. The only real changes between maps are the locations and enemy skins.

But here’s the cool part – perks. As you play, you earn little boosts that make your character stronger or faster. They’re neat, but leveling up seems to drag on, almost as if the game is pushing you to play on the harder difficulty levels.

Should You Buy DEVOUR?

Is DEVOUR worth the small price tag? My answer is 100% yes. Although the maps lack variety in tasks, the fun comes from playing with friends and sharing jumps, scares, and laughs. The developer, Straight Back Games, consistently keeps things fresh with free updates, which means this game’s got some serious potential to keep on giving.

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Final Verdict


  • Great fun with friends
  • Scary enough to make you scream
  • Your cash stays mostly in your wallet
  • Free updates with new stuff


  • Gets repetitive quick
  • Could use some creative sparks

In a nutshell, if you’re all about that heart-pounding, scream-at-your-screen type of experience with your pals, DEVOUR is a solid pick. It’s not perfect, but for what you’re paying, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Just be ready for that adrenaline rush – and maybe have some spare underwear on hand. Just in case.

My score: 7.5/10

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