geometry arena review

Geometry Arena review

Geometry Arena is a game made by a Chinese developer 011 Games. The game was originally made in Chinese and then translated to English. I stumbled upon it during Steam Summer Sale and was quite intrigued by the positive reviews and simple art style.

Geometry Arena is a roguelite twin-stick arena shooter where you control a small ship fighting endless waves of enemies. Very simple idea that has been done many times over the years. But Geometry Arena comes with a roguelite twist and a lot of different ships, upgradeables, skills, difficulty options, bullet variations, rune upgrade system and so on. It had me hooked very fast.

I must admit, I quite like the twin-stick and roguelite genres, but for the longest time I couldn’t find a twin-stick shooter that would’ve me hooked for more than 10 hours. Geometry Arena did that despite its very average and minimalist graphics.

This game as an insane replay value if you get into it. With all its classes and achievements available to get you could spend up to 100 hours playing it. It’s very much a bullet hell on higher levels and/or difficulties. What you play during the first 15 minutes is basically what you will get with the rest of the game, so if it’s not your thing you can take advantage of Steam’s refund system.

My final take on Geometry Arena – just buy and try it. It’s a great indie game, worth its $5.99 asking price on Steam. Is it for everyone? It’s not, but what it does it does well.

My score for Geometry Arena – 8.5/10

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