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Skyrim: How to Increase Carry Weight with Commands and…

If you’re a seasoned adventurer in the epic world of Skyrim, you’ve undoubtedly been haunted by the dreaded “overencumbered” status. The inability to sprint or fast-travel can quickly turn your game from a delightful exploration into a frustrating slog. But fear not, fellow Dragonborn, there are countless strategies to ensure you never face this burden again. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to efficiently increase your carrying capacity in Skyrim.

Console Commands: Quick Fix for the Overburdened

One of the quickest fixes is by utilizing console commands, although some might argue that this borders on cheating. If you’re playing on a platform where console commands are available, it’s an incredibly straightforward method.

To access the console command, press the tilde (“~”) key on American English keyboards or the apostrophe (“‘”) key on British keyboards. If you’re inclined towards a bit of rule-bending, type “tgm” and hit enter. This activates the “toggle God mode,” making your character invincible and removing all carry weight limits.

However, be mindful of the drawbacks. Playing in God mode might strip away some excitement, and overloading your inventory could cause the game to crash or slow down. A better approach would be to use the “player.modAV carryweight <x>” command, where “<x>” represents the desired carry weight increase. This way, you can customize the game’s rules to a level that suits your playstyle.

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Leveling Up: Stamina Equals Strength

Every time you level up, you can allocate a point to Magicka, Health, or Stamina. Choosing Stamina not only boosts your sprinting endurance but also enhances your carry weight by five points per level. If you frequently find yourself overburdened, consider investing in Stamina to balance the scales.

Steed Stone: A Hidden Gem

Many players overlook the potential of Standing Stones. Nestled between Fort Hraggstad and Solitude in the snowy mountains, the Steed Stone bestows an instant increase of 100 points to your carry weight. Remember, though, this bonus is not permanent – changing your Standing Stone will forfeit the benefit.

Perks: Packing More into Your Pockets

The “Extra Pockets” perk in the pickpocket skill tree is an essential choice for those often running out of space. It grants an additional 100 points to your carrying capacity, or 50 points in Survival Mode.

Also, consider the “Unhindered” and “Conditioning” perks from the Light Armor and Heavy Armor skill trees, respectively. These make your worn armor weightless, allowing you to move quicker. However, they only apply to equipped armor – other items in your inventory will still have a weight value.

Enchantments and Potions: Enhancing Your Burden

In situations where you’re far from a storage space and laden with loot, enchantments and potions can be lifesavers.

The “Fortify Carry Weight” enchantment increases the player’s carry weight depending on their enchanting or alchemy skills. One of the most accessible places to find this enchantment is at Sinderion’s Field Laboratory in Blackreach. Inside, there’s a pair of “leather boots of hauling.” Disenchant them at an enchanting station, and you can use this perk.

If you have alchemical skills, Trama Root, Netch Jelly, and Juvenile Mudcrab all can create a carry weight enhancing potion. The Giant’s Toe, Hawk Beak, Creep Cluster, Scaly Pholiota, and River Betty also possess similar properties.

Unique Armor: Dress to Impress (and Carry More)

Certain unique armors and clothing items offer additional carry weight bonuses. These include Blackguard’s Armor, Deathbrand Armor, Dragon Priest Volsung’s mask, Guild Master’s Armor, the Locket of Saint Jiub, and Thieves Guild Armor.

Here is a breakdown of these items, their carry weight bonuses, and their locations:

  • Blackguard’s Armor (adds 50 carry weight): Find it in the basement of Glover Mallory’s House in Solstheim after completing the “Paid in Full” quest.
  • Deathbrand Boots (adds 10 carry weight for each piece of Deathbrand Armor, up to 40): Found west of Tel Mithryn, near a group of Ash Spawn.
  • Dragon Priest Volsung’s Mask (adds 20 carry weight): Earn it by defeating Volsung in the Nordic Ruin of Volskygge.
  • Guild Master’s Armor (adds 50 carry weight): Acquire it from Tonilia during “Under New Management” after restoring the Thieves Guild to its former glory.
  • Locket of Saint Jiub (adds 50 carry weight): Jiub gives it after completing the “Impatience of a Saint” quest in the Soul Cairn.
  • Thieves Guild Armor (adds 20 carry weight): Given to the player upon joining the Thieves Guild.

Other Options

In dire situations where you’re overflowing with valuable loot and storage is nowhere to be found, consider these options:

  1. Travel with a follower or spouse. They have their own inventory, so you can use them as your personal pack mule. Just remember, they also have carry weight limits!
  2. Transform into a werewolf. Werewolves boast a staggering 2000-point carry weight increase. Of course, turning back to a human form is necessary before entering populated areas, but in werewolf form, you’re as fast as a horse.
  3. Hop on a horse. They allow you to move quickly despite being overencumbered. If you have the summon Arvak spell, you can even bypass the journey back to your horse.

Master these techniques, and the days of your adventures being hindered by overencumbrance will be a thing of the past. Happy adventuring, Dragonborn!