SteamLvlUp Review 2023: is it legit? Promo code inside

SteamLvlUp is great and easy website for leveling up your Steam account. Here’s my review of the website and some free promo codes inside! 🙂

What Exactly is SteamLvlUp?

SteamLvlUp is as an online marketplace for gamers to buy packs of Steam trading cards, a clever and fast way for boosting the level of Steam accounts. The website enables you to either pick up random packs or specifically select your desired ones from the store collection.

An great part of the service is its affordability. Even if you find yourself with an excess of Steam trading cards, you can trade these surplus cards for credits within the site. Consequently, every card in your possession holds value.

Steamlvlup code

100 free gems with a promo code:


You will also get 100 gems if you install their Chrome extension.

Here’s also a 100 gems code for November 2023: J9Y2O-ITQHO-VBU49

You can trade you normal trading cards, Steam emoticons and backgrounds, but also you can trade in your unmarketable and untradeable Steam items and cards, which is normally only possible by trading with another player. Steamlvlup simplifies this process a lot.


Pros of SteamLvlUp

  1. Game-Specific Card Packs. The website offers individual packs that cater to specific games, enhancing its appeal to diverse gaming enthusiasts.
  2. Effortless Leveling. SteamLvlUp offers a straightforward, accessible method to level up your Steam account.
  3. Vibrant Market for TF2 keys and Steam Gems. The website hosts an active market for trading TF2 keys and Steam Gems.
  4. Sign-up Bonus. New users get a sign-up bonus to get started.
  5. Games and giveaways. There’s a recurring contest where you can win lots of gems which can be used to purchase trading cards sets for Steam. You get to play some cool web browser games while you do it.

Cons of SteamLvlUp

  1. Money Deposits. Depositing money into an account could be a little bit easier.
  2. Premium Pricing. Compared to other similar websites, SteamLvlUp comes across as a tad more expensive, which could deter some potential users.

Is SteamLvlUp a Legitimate Website?

Our verdict is a resounding yes. Here are our reasons:

  • SteamLvlUp has been operating consistently and smoothly for several years, showing its durability and trustworthiness.
  • Both deposit and withdrawal methods have proven to be reliable and function without a hitch.
  • The availability of a broad spectrum of complete card packs enhances the user experience.
  • The website uses a secure SSL-encrypted connection, evidenced by a padlock icon on the left side of the address bar, indicating the security of your connection.

Steamlvlup Card Factory

The web extension for Google Chrome aims to enhance your experience with Trading Cards, game Badges, and your Steam profile level. This official extension offers several key features designed to simplify and improve user interaction with their Steam accounts:

  1. Card Farming: This feature allows users to farm cards from their games directly in the browser, eliminating the need for entering personal account details. It provides a seamless and secure way to increase your collection of Trading Cards.
  2. Automated Badge Creation: With a single click, users can automatically create badges. This feature simplifies the badge creation process, saving users time and effort that can be better spent on gameplay.
  3. Inventory Price Display: The extension shows the prices for items in your Steam inventory. This feature allows users to know the worth of their inventory items at a glance, facilitating decision-making for trades or sales.
  4. Quick Badge Purchasing: Users can proceed to purchase game badges directly from the game page in the Steam Store. This functionality makes the badge purchasing process much faster and more convenient.
  5. Profile Customization View: The extension enables users to view installed wallpaper and avatar frames on user profiles. This feature allows users to see their customization efforts in real-time and adjust accordingly.
  6. Trade Offer Verification: A feature that checks trade offers for scams. It provides an extra layer of security, helping users to avoid falling victim to fraudulent transactions.

Get Your Exclusive SteamLvlUP Bonus

Curious about how to claim your free bonus? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the website via our provided link.
  2. Sign into your SteamLvlUp account.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ and look for the ‘Redeem Code’ section in the upper right corner.
  4. Enter the exclusive bonus code: 4C836-1EC9A

And there you have it! We hope this review provides you with a clear picture of SteamLvlUp and its offerings.