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Trinity Fusion: Review

When I first picked up Trinity Fusion, I have to be honest, I didn’t expect much. It looked like just another game where you run around, jump, and fight – what gamers call a ‘roguelike’ with some ‘Metroidvania’ (exploration-based) elements. But I really liked this one.

First Impressions Can Be Deceiving

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My usual strategy in games like this is to go in all guns blazing, trying to get as far as I can, gather all the goodies, and beat the big bosses. Well, Trinity Fusion had other plans for me. I learned pretty fast that dying isn’t just part of the game; it’s part of the story.

The story in this game isn’t just some throwaway thing – it’s actually good! When you die, you’re whisked back to this hub world, and it’s like you’ve been living a lie. Turns out we’re in a bunch of different worlds made by some big-shots and these worlds are fighting each other. It’s all about surviving and being the top dog.

The Hub

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The hub isn’t just where the story unfolds; it’s also where you get better. You train, learn new moves, and get ready for round two (or two hundred). Then you’re off again, jumping through portals, battling baddies, grabbing loot, and seeing all sorts of places.

But here’s the kicker: sometimes you just can’t get past something. It’s like, “Hey, you’ll need to come back with a special power to get through here.” That means you might have to visit other worlds or switch characters.

A Trio of Heroes

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Talking about characters, there are three of them, and they all have their unique way of beating challenges. Say there’s a gap. One can slowly ride a platform across, another can jump over twice, and the third can swing over. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can try to hop on enemies or dodge traps, or just skip the trouble with a portal.

It’s this choice that keeps the game fresh every time you play. You get to play your way and learn what each hero does best.

Meet the Bad Guys

The enemies deserve a shout-out. They’re not your run-of-the-mill monsters. Some are huge, some look like robots – they’ve all got that ‘wow’ factor. Every time I met a new one, I was excited to see how I would beat it. Each fight makes me think – should I get up close, sneak around, or keep my distance?

A Rush to See More

The game drives you to keep going. You feel like you want to blitz through the levels to see what’s next. But then, the game throws you a curveball – sometimes it gets really tough out of nowhere. You go from hero to zero. It makes you work to get strong again but hitting this wall can get a little tiring.

The Game That Keeps on Giving

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Where Trinity Fusion shines is in its gameplay. It’s not just room-to-room fights; you get to explore and find your own way, with handy teleporters to help you around. And they’re not done adding stuff – new areas, enemies, and bosses are coming.

Fighting’s been jazzed up too. They’ve made it clearer when you hit enemies and it feels really good when you do. If you like picking up new powers as you play, good news – they’ve dropped the limits, so you can just keep getting better and better.


For new players, there’s a gentler mode to help you get into the swing of things. If you’re looking for a challenge, hardcore mode is the way to go – its got new enemies and tricks you need to learn.

They’ve thought about us, the players, too. Moving around in the hub is faster, enemies change it up more to keep things fresh, and the game just looks prettier in places.

Final Thoughts

Trinity Fusion may seem like it’s just another game in a crowded genre, but it’s not. It’s got tight controls, it’s visually stunning, and playing as each character feels really different. The game tells you what’s coming at you, so you’ve got a fair shot at dodging or fighting back.


  • Graphics are really well done
  • The game responds well to your moves
  • Each hero is unique and interesting


  • Combat could use some more variety to keep things exciting
  • Some bits are out of balance – some powers feel a little weak


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Trinity Fusion is an unexpected gem foe me. It looks good, feels good, and keeps things interesting with its enemy variety. You can really tell what’s going on in a fight, and even though the dodge is easy, it doesn’t feel cheap.

The story’s straightforward but might feel a bit scattered – that might be because the game’s still in the works. They’re planning to polish things up, which I’m keen to see. The abilities of the characters could be clearer for new players though – I thought my controller was busted when I couldn’t double-jump!

Overall, it’s a solid game that’s perfect for quick plays or long sessions. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro at these types of games, Trinity Fusion is worth checking out. It’s a new face in a busy crowd, but it stands out with its fun gameplay loop, beautiful design, and the freedom to tackle challenges in different ways.

My score: 8.5/10