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BIOMORPH: a Cool Mashup (review)

In BIOMORPH metroidvania you play as Harlo, a character who can absorb the genetic data of defeated enemies and transform into them. This grants you access to a variety of unique abilities, making BIOMORPH a really cool concept on paper. But how good is it in the end? Let’s find out:)

The first thing that struck me was the art style. BIOMORPH has beautiful, hand-drawn environments that showcase the diverse biomes of the planet Ilios. Each area has its own distinct feel, from lush jungles to desolate wastelands, all heavily influenced by the strange substance called ferrox.

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The core gameplay loop of BIOMORPH revolves around acquiring new creature forms and using them to navigate the world and overcome obstacles. Some creatures, like the spring-jumping Spyrux, are perfect for reaching high places, while others, like the dust-warping Sorios, help you solve environmental puzzles.

Initially, it’s a lot of fun trying out all the different forms and figuring out which one is best suited for a particular situation. Unfortunately, this excitement wears off a bit later in the game. Many of the creature forms are only used once or twice before they become obsolete. It’s a shame, because the potential for a truly diverse and dynamic combat system based on transformation was there.

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The individual biomes are well-designed, each making you work with the specific abilities of the local enviro. It’s fun to figure out how to progress through an area using the tools at your disposal, like grappling with the Climber or vacuuming blocks with the Shroomo. However, the problem is that these creatures often become useless once you leave their respective biome.

As the game progresses, Harlo starts to gain his own unique abilities, like surfing on electrical cables. This is a cool idea narratively, but it also diminishes the importance of creature transformations. Harlo’s own melee combat feels a bit generic compared to the unique movement and abilities of the creatures you can morph into.

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The world of BIOMORPH is full of interesting ideas, like horrifying experiments and mutated creatures. However, the game doesn’t do enough to explore the lore behind these elements or give you a compelling reason to delve deeper into the world.

Overall, BIOMORPH is a fun Metroidvania with a great central concept. It has really nice graphics, decent controls, and a variety of mechanics. However, the underutilized creature transformations and a narrative that doesn’t quite reach its full potential hold the game back from a 10/10 for me.

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Absolutely! If you’re a fan of Metroidvanias, or you’re looking for a new game with a cool transformation mechanic, BIOMORPH is worth checking out. Just be aware that the initial excitement of acquiring new creature forms may fade later in the game.

My score: 9/10

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