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Black One Blood Brothers: Review

Black One Blood Brothers isn’t your typical, flashy shooter. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but full of potential. Imagine leading a squad of...


Nine Sols: Review

Nine Sols is a hand-drawn new action-platformer game from Red Candle Games, the creative minds behind spooky indie hits like Detention and Devotion. Nine Sols...


Reus 2: Sequel Done Right

Remember playing God in the first Reus? Well, dust off your godly sandals because Reus 2 is here, and it feels like a worthy sequel. I wasn’t sure what...


Soulmask Early Access Review

Soulmask just hit early access, and while it has some cool concepts, it’s definitely not for everyone. Let’s break it down. It’s got a lot...


Len’s Island: Review

Len’s Island from the Flow Studio is a game that surprised me. It doesn’t have a huge online following yet, but it quickly became one of my...


Night of the Dead 1.0 Review

I was looking for something new to play online co-op and I found the new release for just that: Night of the Dead. Now, this isn’t some fancy, next-gen...


Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip: Review

You play as Terry, a kid with a dream – to blast off into space in his own car! Now, most people might try joining NASA or something, but Terry has a simpler...


Tennis Manager 2024: Review

I’m a moderate tennis fan. I like to watch big matches, finals and semi-finals of Grand Slams. I didn’t know what to think about Tennis Manager...