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At GearsRealm, we cater to the gaming community that spans platforms. Whether you’re a PC enthusiast, an Xbox loyalist, or a PlayStation aficionado, our reviews cover the spectrum. Expect in-depth analyses of performance, graphics, and unique features tailored to each gaming system. Our goal is to guide you to the perfect gaming experience, regardless of your preferred platform.

From epic sagas to indie darlings, we leave no stone unturned. Our reviews aren’t just about scores; they’re about unraveling the stories, mechanics, and immersive elements that make each game a masterpiece. We understand that every gamer is unique, and so are their preferences. Let GearsRealm be your compass in the gaming wilderness.

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Men of War II: Review

This latest entry in the World War 2 strategy series promises a ton of content – from epic campaigns to brutal multiplayer battles. But after spending some...


Die by the Blade Review

Let me start by saying this: there’s something truly satisfying about a perfect duel in Die by the Blade. You lock eyes with your opponent across a neon...


Fabledom Early Access Review

Fabledom had me hooked for a while. It’s this adorable city builder where you start with a tiny hamlet and turn it into a fairytale superstate. Think...


V Rising 1.0 Review

I have played a bit of V Rising in Early Access and just came back to this title when 1.0 update dropped in. And it’s really good. This game is a perfect...


INDIKA: My Review

This game is a wild ride from start to finish. INDIKA’s journey is filled with hallucinations, illusions, and conversations with the devil himself. These...