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Blasphemous II: A Worthy Sequel

Blasphemous II, the sequel to The Game Kitchen’s dark and punishing Metroidvania, has arrived, offering players another chance to traverse the twisted and eerie world of Cvstodia. As a devoted fan of the original game, my excitement was palpable as I eagerly delved into this nightmarish realm once again. Having spent countless hours exploring its sin-ridden landscapes and battling grotesque creatures, I am pleased to share my in-depth review of this harrowing adventure.

Dark Purgatory

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From the very moment I stepped into Blasphemous II, I was immediately immersed in its haunting atmosphere. The beautifully detailed pixel art, combined with atmospheric audio design and a hauntingly captivating soundtrack, set the stage for a deeply unsettling journey. The world of Cvstodia, with its dilapidated cathedrals, cursed forests, and crumbling towers, manages to evoke a sense of dread and awe that lingered with me long after I put down the controller.

A Wider Arsenal: Sarmiento and Centella

Blasphemous II introduces a new set of weapons, the Sarmiento and Centella. These blades add a fresh dynamic to combat, boasting lightning-fast attack speeds and the ability to perform devastating ripostes. The riposte maneuver, in particular, stands out as a beautifully executed mechanic, allowing players to dash through enemies with blinding speed while dealing lethal damage. Moreover, by consistently landing hits without taking damage, players can unlock the electrifying power of lightning-infused attacks, further enhancing the combat experience.

The Weight of Veredicto: A Potent Censer

Another intriguing addition to Blasphemous II’s arsenal is the Veredicto, an imposing censer weapon capable of inflicting devastating blows. The weightiness of this weapon is keenly felt, as attacks require precision and careful timing. While the recovery time between strikes may take some adjustment, the potency of the Veredicto’s hits more than compensates for this slight drawback. Setting the censer aflame and unleashing its fiery wrath upon adversaries brings a visceral satisfaction few other weapons can match.

Movement: New Abilities and Skills

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Enhancing the Penitent One’s mobility, Blasphemous II grants the player various new abilities, such as a double jump and an air dash. These additions not only facilitate swift traversal of the sprawling map but also provide essential tools for evading enemy attacks. The slide maneuver, painstakingly mastered in the original game, returns with even greater usefulness, proving invaluable during boss encounters and enemy encounters alike. The fluidity of movement greatly enhances the overall experience, empowering players to navigate the treacherous terrain with finesse.

Rosary Beads and Prayers System

Much like its predecessor, Blasphemous II incorporates the Rosary Beads and Prayers system, offering players a means to customize their playstyle. Rosary Beads bestow various buffs and resistances, allowing for strategic loadouts tailored to specific encounters. The diverse range of Prayers, hidden throughout the world, serve as potent magical attacks, adding depth to the combat mechanics. Managing fervor, earned through relentless combat, becomes crucial for unleashing these powerful abilities—an effective mechanic that rewards skilled play and careful resource management.

Guilt and Redemption

The introduction of Guilt adds a sense of consequence and urgency to Blasphemous II’s proceedings. Upon death, the Penitent One leaves behind remnants of Guilt, which block off a portion of fervor until absolved. While traveling back to where death occurred allows for the removal of Guilt, players can seek out priests to perform a sacrament, offering an alternative albeit costly means of redemption. This mechanic raises the stakes, demanding thoughtful decision-making—whether to backtrack, risking further encounters, or seek immediate sanctuary—a powerful element laced with introspection within the game’s dark narrative.

Refined Punishment

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Blasphemous II significantly addresses some of the issues that plagued its predecessor. The infamous spikes, known to test players’ patience and precision in the first game, have been reworked. While still present, a simple teleportation mechanic is now employed, sparing players the infuriation of instant death and easing the frustration inherent in navigating spike-laden areas. Similarly, enemy placements have been thoughtfully redesigned, offering challenging but fair encounters that push players to strategize rather than overwhelming with cheap tactics. These improvements affirm the developers’ commitment to crafting a more rewarding and less punishing experience.

Disturbing World

Cvstodia, as depicted in Blasphemous II, exudes an atmosphere of macabre beauty. The hand-drawn pixel art, showcasing intricate details and atmospheric lighting, gives life to this warped universe. Each area within the vast map is distinct, boasting its own grim ambiance and architectural design. Faced with crumbling cathedrals, haunting caves, and forsaken aqueducts, exploration becomes an immersive experience. While the level design may not always measure up to the ingenious layouts of its predecessor, Blasphemous II remains a visual marvel, inviting players to venture deeper into its nightmarish realm.

Boss Battles

Blasphemous II’s boss fights encapsulate the essence of its grotesque and nightmarish world. While the majority of these encounters are suitably challenging and visually intriguing, not all bosses reached the same heights as their predecessors. Some battles, though visually impressive, lacked the depth and complexity I had anticipated, falling short in their execution. Nevertheless, the creative design and memorable nature of most boss encounters nonetheless stood as testament to the developers’ commitment to unnerving and cathartic confrontations.

A Few Hiccups

While my journey through Blasphemous II was engrossing overall, I did encounter a few technical hiccups. On occasion, I found myself unintentionally stuck in the floor, requiring a restart to rectify the issue. Furthermore, rapid weapon swapping occasionally resulted in minor visual glitches, wherein my character appeared armed with a weapon I had already switched away from. While these instances were infrequent and did not significantly hinder my progression, they marred an otherwise polished experience.


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Blasphemous II stands as a testament to the evolution and refinement of The Game Kitchen’s haunting world of Cvstodia. With its improved combat mechanics, expanded arsenal, and evocative art direction, the game delivers a dark and gripping experience. Though minor technical hiccups and a few lackluster boss encounters momentarily detract from its brilliance, the strength of its atmospheric design, exhilarating gameplay, and captivating soundtrack outweigh these shortcomings.

In this soul-searching journey through a land steeped in sin, Blasphemous II pushes the boundaries of Metroidvania gameplay, challenging players’ skill and resilience at every turn. Immerse yourself in the gloomy embrace of this grotesque world—if you dare—to explore the depths of penitence and uncover the truth that lies within.

Review Score: 8.9/10


  • Once again beautiful pixel art and atmospheric design
  • Intriguing new weapons and combat mechanics
  • Expanded abilities and skills enhance movement and evasion
  • The meticulous attention to audio design and haunting soundtrack
  • Well-refined punishment mechanics improve upon the original


  • Minor technical glitches, including occasional floor-stuck issues
  • Some boss encounters lacked depth and complexity
  • Level design could be better at times

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