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BlazBlue: Entropy Effect Review

Every so often, a game comes along that throws expectations out the window. BlazBlue: Entropy Effect is exactly that kind of game – a mash-up of feeling so familiar yet so fresh. I’ll be straight with you – I’m no expert in the BlazBlue universe. I’ve never dived into the intricate stories or mastered the combos in the fighting series. But here I am, with Entropy Effect, and let me tell you: it’s a rollercoaster.

What’s BlazBlue: Entropy Effect All About?

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At its core, Entropy Effect feels like the creators took the characters we know from BlazBlue, tossed them in a blender with a dash of cyberpunk style, and poured out a rogue-like action game. From the start, it was clear that understanding the BlazBlue lore wasn’t necessary. You can pick this up as a newbie and still have a blast.

The concept? Simple yet intriguing. You’re this adorable robot in a world that’s crumbling to pieces – something about an Entropy Effect threatening to end it all. To stop that, you’ve got to jump into a virtual reality called ACE and train fighters to prevent doom.

Sure, the story had me scratching my head a few times. But then again, rogue-likes aren’t exactly famous for their clear-cut narratives. And with BlazBlue: Entropy Effect, it felt okay to just nod along and enjoy the thrill ride.


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Let’s cut to the chase – the fighting is the heart and soul of this game. It’s like someone took the fighters out of their usual 2D arenas and let them loose in a 2D world full of baddies and challenges. Playing as characters like Ragna or Noel but in a completely different setup was an adventure in itself.

Each character comes with their own style. Ragna’s slow but hits like a truck, while Noel’s quicker on her feet with her ranged attacks. It’s a smorgasbord of playstyles, and I couldn’t get enough. The action felt smooth and kept me on my toes – literally a non-stop dance of punches and kicks.

For fans of strategy, this game’s got a buffet of character enhancements and upgrades. Your moves can light up enemies with fire, freeze them solid, or even whip up blades out of thin air when you dash. It’s like being a kid in a super-powered candy store.

The Grind is Real, but it’s Rewarding

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Progressing through Entropy Effect is all about the grind. You’re going to run, jump, and fight through level after level until you’ve got the goods to beef up your fighters. It’s a cycle – train, fight, die, repeat. Yet, it’s the kind of cycle that keeps me coming back for more.

Sure, it can feel a bit repetitive – you’re often seeing the same places and faces, especially early on. But just when the grind started to weigh on me, the game tossed in new areas like Omega – a sprawling maze that felt like a mini-adventure all on its own.

Here’s the thing – the game’s audio and voice work are done well, they really are. But, imagine hearing the same lines over… and over… and over. It started to feel like a broken record. I wouldn’t mind if they turned the repetition down just a tad.

Not Your Usual BlazBlue, but…

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This ain’t your classic BlazBlue. The fighting here is a whole new beast, and despite the story playing second fiddle to the action, it doesn’t drag the game down. The mix of smooth combat and strategic depth with those sweet, sweet upgrades had me hooked.

Did I mention the breathtaking visuals? This game is a looker, serving up some seriously stunning stages and character moves. And I haven’t run into a single hiccup – it’s as smooth as butter, no lag or frame-rate drops to ruin the fun.

You get a range of characters, each with their unique flair and fighting styles, making each play feel as fresh as the first. And with each run, your characters grow stronger, picking up new tricks that keep you pushing forward.


Alright, let’s bring it home. BlazBlue: Entropy Effect may not be part of the usual BlazBlue storyline, but it stands tall on its own. It’s a rock-solid rogue-like with a flavor that’s familiar yet excitingly different. It’s that perfect blend of tough-as-nails combat and “just one more run” addiction.

Sure, the story’s a wild mix of techno-babble and robot drama that might have you scratching your head. And yes, the early levels might have you feeling déjà vu. But push past that, and you’re rewarded with an action-packed, strategy-rich brawler that pays homage to its BlazBlue roots without being shackled by them.

Whether you’re a long-time series fan or a newcomer just looking for a good scrap, BlazBlue: Entropy Effect has got you covered – with a cybernetically-enhanced fist, no less.

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