Complete Printable Gwent Card Collection

Whether you are a hardcore fan of The Witcher series, an avid player of the standalone Gwent game, or a board game enthusiast who loves the thrill of strategizing with beautifully crafted cards, you can now bring the exciting world of Gwent to your living room. And no, you don’t need to rely on digital versions or buying expensive packs. We present the Complete Printable Gwent Cards Decks! Available in high resolution, with extra sheets for backside and duplicates.

What’s in the Pack?

This Complete Printable Gwent Card set contains everything you need to enjoy an immersive Gwent match. The pack includes all cards from the original Gwent game and its expansions, such as Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, along with the standalone Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. The printable decks aren’t in PDF but in JPG files, but they’re as easy to print as PDFs.

The printable set offers the following:

  • High-Resolution Cards: Every card has been designed in high-resolution, providing crisp and clear images that capture the artwork’s intricate details.
  • Backside Sheets: We’ve included sheets for the backside of the cards, ensuring your printed cards look professional and authentic from every angle.
  • Duplicates: For cards that are required in multiple numbers in the game, we’ve added extra sheets. No need to print the same page multiple times.

All Gwent Decks in one download

Gwent, the popular card game from the universe of The Witcher, has grown beyond its digital boundaries. Originally a mini-game within the sprawling open world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it quickly captured the hearts of players around the globe with its intricate strategies and the diverse range of cards inspired by characters, creatures, and lore from the Witcher series.

Now, the virtual tavern can be transported into your own home with these printable Gwent cards. Each card is now available in high resolution, ensuring that the beautiful and intricate artwork is displayed in all its glory.

Printing and Construction

To get the best results, it’s recommended to print these cards on high-quality card stock. The thickness and finish of card stock add a premium feel to the cards and increase their durability. Alternatively, if you’re printing on regular paper, you could laminate the cards or use card sleeves to ensure they last.

For the backside, simply print the backside sheet on the flip side of the card prints. Cut the cards carefully along the guidelines provided. For duplicate cards, extra sheets are included so that you won’t waste any card stock.

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