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Cookie Cutter: Game Review

When I first fired up Cookie Cutter, I felt like someone shoved a classic arcade machine right into my living room. The game’s wild colors and bold attitude hit me like a freight train, and I knew I was not in for just another run-of-the-mill adventure.

From Zero to Heroine – Meet Cherry

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I was immediately tossed into the boots of Cherry, a tough-as-nails robot chick with more edge than a box of razors. She’s like the protagonist from some late-night cartoon that would leave parents gripping their pearls in horror – and I loved it. Cherry’s mission, simple as it is, got me hooked right away: beat up the bad guys, save her creator, and maybe, just maybe, lay down some vengeance along the way.

Blink and It’s Beautiful – A World Worth Watching

I can’t talk about Cookie Cutter without gushing over the artwork. Each hand-drawn scene feels like a moving painting, dripping with style. It’s as if the game developers grabbed a bunch of comic books, threw them into a blender, and poured out something that looks frankly amazing.

Buttons and Brawls – Fighting with Flair

Control in hand, playing Cherry feels just right. She moves with a kind of grace that makes dodging saw blades and leaping over pits second nature. But let’s cut to the chase – it’s the fighting that shines here. Button mashing turns into enemy smashing in a way that feels really good. With each press, Cherry launches into combat like a dancer, swapping hits and kicks in a dance of destruction.

And those special attacks? They are the cherry on top (pun intended). They use up some special energy, sure, but they pack a punch. And I can’t help but cheer a little inside each time I land a brutal finishing move on a baddie.

On the Move – Dashing and Double-Jumping

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Navigating through Cookie Cutter‘s world is a treat. Ledges too high? Boom, double jump to the rescue. Discover a weird glowing ball thingy? You bet there’s a power to deal with that. And dying? Not as big of a pain as you’d think. Enemies might come back, but so do you, and your lost stuff stays put.

Laughing in the Face of Danger – Crude, But It Works

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Cookie Cutter does not pull punches with its adult humor. Whether it’s Cherry’s robot helper (who’s literally a talking part of her lower anatomy) or enemies with rather suggestive headgear, the game leans hard into its R-rated comedy. Sometimes it gets a giggle out of me, other times, not so much. But it fits its own zany world so well that it’s hard to stay mad at it.

Baddies and Bosses – A Cast of Characters

The enemies here are as creative as they are challenging, popping up in all shapes and sizes. Mixing up which baddies I squared off with kept me on my toes and kept battles feeling fresh. And the bosses? Big, bad, and a real test of everything I’d learned. But fair, real fair. Even when I got my butt handed to me, a quick trip back from a nearby checkpoint had me itching for round two.

Kit and Upgrades – Load Up on Goodies

Exploring counts in Cookie Cutter. Scour around, take on tougher foes, or just get curious, and you’ll find all sorts of upgrades and gear. Coins? Yep, grab those and buy boosts like extra health or better combos. But managing them is like a puzzle – gotta use what you’ve got smartly.

Sticking the Landing – Simple Fun Done Well

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Cookie Cutter makes the whole Metroidvania thing sing. There’s no fluff here, just good old-fashioned game fun. No casinos keno or analogue stick-twisters, just you, Cherry, and a mission. Might be the nostalgia talking, but they don’t make many like this anymore.


So here’s the deal: Cookie Cutter might not change the game, but it revs up the engine and takes us for an unforgettable joyride. It’s a game that grabbed me by the scruff, threw in everything but the kitchen sink and dared me not to have an absolute blast. I say go for it. You might love its brashness, might cringe at its crude humor, but you will remember the stylish slice of mayhem that it serves up.

If I had to put my feelings into a neat little package? Cookie Cutter is like an old mixtape from a friend – it’s familiar, yet full of surprises, and every track (or level, in this case) brings a smile to my face. It’s a love letter to what came before it, but penned in neon ink and sealed with a sledgehammer kiss. Cheers to you, Cherry – let’s go save the world (and look damn cool doing it).


  • Cathartic combat that feels as good as it looks
  • Lively movement that never gets old
  • A visual style that punches you in the eyes (in the best way)


  • Humor might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Some gameplay bits repeat a bit too often

Cookie Cutter? More like heart-cutter, because this game slices right to the core of what makes a game fun – and doesn’t let go. My score: 8/10

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