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Counter Strike 2 and AFK case idling

In the past, the distribution of weapon cases was tied to a particular amount of playtime. The more time players spent in the game, the higher their chances of receiving a weapon case and some players abused this system by idling each week to receive a free CS:GO case they could sell on the Steam market.

However, the latest update, released this week, brings about a pivotal change to this system. According to the updated rules, players will now receive a weapon case with their first weekly XP rank up. This innovative approach puts a greater emphasis on player progression and achievement rather than simply the quantity of time spent in the game.

The shift in dynamics instigates players to engage more meaningfully with the game, striving to enhance their skills and improve their gameplay to level up and earn the coveted weapon cases. Instead of idle time, active progression is now rewarded, which is a welcomed change for many devoted players.

The developers believe that this change will better cater to the gaming experience of their player base, promoting an environment that rewards skill, strategy, and dedication to the game. It should encourage more active participation and strategic gameplay, enriching the overall Counter-Strike 2 experience.

However, like any significant update, it has stirred varying responses within the gaming community. Some players appreciate the change, claiming that it promotes more active, immersive gameplay. Meanwhile, others have expressed concerns that it might disadvantage those who may not have as much time to play and progress each week.

What are your thoughts about this?

CS2 relase notes: https://www.counter-strike.net/news/updates