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Crown Trick – tips and tricks

Crown Trick is a great, underrated in my opinion rogue-like dungeon crawler game that has captured my heart with its unique turn-based gameplay and charming graphics. Navigating the ever-changing labyrinth can be challenging, especially for newcomers to the game. In this article, we will share some essential tips to help you succeed in the mystical world of Crown Trick.

1. Understand the turn-based mechanics

Crown Trick’s turn-based mechanics set it apart from other dungeon crawlers. In this game, both you and your enemies move and take actions simultaneously. Understanding this system is crucial for strategic planning and successfully tackling your foes. Take your time to plan each move carefully, as the enemies won’t move until you do.

2. Master your weapons and abilities

Crown Trick offers a wide variety of weapons and abilities to choose from, each with its unique playstyle. Experiment with different weapons and abilities to find the best combination that suits your playstyle. Keep in mind that some weapons have a limited number of uses before breaking, so make sure to manage your resources wisely.

3. Utilize Familiars

Familiars are powerful allies that you can summon in Crown Trick. They possess unique abilities that can help you in various ways, such as healing, dealing damage, or providing crowd control. Familiars have a limited number of charges, so use them strategically to get the most out of their abilities.

4. Explore and interact with the environment

The labyrinth in Crown Trick is filled with secrets and hidden treasures. Make sure to explore each room thoroughly, as you may find valuable items or powerful relics to aid you in your journey. Additionally, interact with the environment to your advantage, such as using traps to defeat your enemies or finding shortcuts to bypass obstacles.

5. Manage your resources

Crown Trick is a rogue-like game, which means that when you die, you have to start all over again. To avoid starting from scratch, make sure to manage your resources, such as health potions, wisely. Save your most potent items for challenging encounters or boss fights, and don’t be afraid to use weaker items to stay alive.

6. Learn from your mistakes

As with any rogue-like game, death is an integral part of the Crown Trick experience. Don’t be discouraged by defeat – instead, learn from your mistakes and adapt your strategy. Each run through the labyrinth will teach you valuable lessons and make you better equipped to face the challenges ahead.

7. Unlock permanent upgrades

Throughout your journey in Crown Trick, you will collect Soul Shards, which you can use to unlock permanent upgrades at the Hall of Reincarnation. These upgrades can significantly improve your chances of success, so make sure to invest your Soul Shards wisely.

8. Experiment with different difficulty levels

Crown Trick offers various difficulty levels to cater to a wide range of players. If you find the game too challenging or too easy, don’t be afraid to adjust the difficulty settings to match your skill level and preferences.

9. Rescue the NPCs and unlock useful perks

Throughout your journey, you will come across NPCs that need rescuing. Once you save them, they will appear in the main hall, and you can talk to them to unlock some helpful perks. Rescuing NPCs can significantly improve your chances of survival in the game, so don’t miss the opportunity to help them out.

10. Maximize the benefits of the Main Hall

Before delving into the dungeon, take some time to visit the Main Hall and interact with the NPCs you’ve rescued. Spend your soul shards on essential upgrades, and remember that you can quickly access all the NPC shops through the crystal at the center of the hall.

11. Utilize magnets against Dr. Frank

If you find yourself struggling in a fight against Dr. Frank, try placing a magnet next to him. Magnets seem to be his weakness, and using them strategically can give you an edge in battle.

12. Be cautious with the Slot Machine of Greed

When using the Slot Machine of Greed, be sure to claim your rewards once you win something. If you attempt to spin it again without claiming your prize, you risk losing everything. Play smart and know when to walk away from the tempting gamble.

By incorporating these additional tips into your Crown Trick gameplay, you’ll be well-equipped to face the challenges that await you in the labyrinth. Rescue NPCs to unlock perks, maximize your Main Hall interactions, and exploit enemy weaknesses to ensure your success on this epic adventure.

13. Explore the Requiem of Elements DLC

The Requiem of Elements DLC is a free expansion for Crown Trick that adds new weapons, relics, familiars, skills, and achievements to the game. It also introduces a new game mode, Dungeons of the Deep. Make sure to take advantage of this fantastic DLC to enhance your gameplay experience and unlock even more possibilities.

14. Challenge yourself with the new game mode: Dungeons of the Deep

Dungeons of the Deep is an endless mode where you face a never-ending onslaught of randomly generated traps and enemies. Test your ability to stay alive and collect the new Coins of the Deep, which can be used to purchase weapons during your run through the maze. See how long you can last in this challenging and engaging new game mode. Abyss Walker is an achievement that can be unlocked after beating Dungeons of the Deep boss battle.

15. Experiment with new weapons, relics, and familiars

The Requiem of Elements DLC adds 26 new weapons, including nine legendary ones, and 30 new relics to unlock. With these additions, you can slay your enemies in more creative ways and experience a greater variety of gameplay. Additionally, there are five new familiars that grant access to ten new skills, offering even more options for your character build.