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Dungeons 4 Review

Dungeons 4 is the latest installment in the series that has long captured the hearts of villainous wannabes and strategic masterminds alike. Developed by Realmforge Studios, this entry proudly carries the torch from its predecessor Dungeons 3, providing a blend of devilishly good fun and thoughtful strategy. This review will guide you through the dungeons, leaving no stone unturned or minion unaccounted for, as we explore what makes Dungeons 4 a strategy gem worth your time.

Tongue-In-Cheek Storytelling

Returning to its roots with Dungeon Keeper-esque inspirations, Dungeons 4 focuses on the continual misadventures of Thalya, the anti-heroine who finds herself caught in the middle of a sibling rivalry with a goodie-two-shoes stepbrother. The series is known for not taking itself too seriously, and here, the narrative offers a delightful spin on the usual hero’s journey. Entrenched in humor, the game’s self-awareness and snark set a tone that will resonate with fans of lighthearted, though sometimes dark, comedy.

Devious Gameplay Mechanics

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The game strikes a satisfying balance between strategic planning and real-time management. Players will feel that each decision, from the layout of traps to the types of minions they recruit, can tip the scales of success in their favor. Dungeons 4 is structured with a clear emphasis on dividing gameplay into distinct phases: the macro-level dungeon management, where resource gathering reigns supreme, and the micro-level tactical combat, where players unleash their calculated maliciousness upon an unsuspecting overworld.

Real-time Strategy: The two halves add layers of complexity to the strategizing. During the macro phase, you’re the omnipotent overseer of your burgeoning dungeon empire. As you dig for gold and carve room after room into the earthen bowels of your lair, you’re also responsible for your minions’ well-being, efficiently assigning tasks to your legion of adorably named ‘Little Snots’.

Resource Management: With gold and evilness as your primary resources, the challenge lies in maintaining a steady flow to fund your wicked endeavors. Upgrades and research play a crucial role, allowing you to unlock new minion types, traps, and magical prowess. Variables like minion experience and loyalty add a deliciously evil twist on the classic RTS formula.

Overworld vs. Underworld: The dichotomy of overworld and underworld play is fluid, encouraging the player to perfect the art of multitasking. You’ll ferry between these realms with ease, a testament to the game’s well-executed design. While the overworld invites you to paint the town red with corruption—literally—your underworld domain demands attention to detail and careful resource allocation.

A Campaign of Evil Excellence

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Dungeons 4 shines in its mission-based campaign, offering a diversity of objectives that keep the gameplay fresh and invigorating. Each level offers a new challenge, from liberating allies to demolishing enemy strongholds, which are made increasingly complex as the game unfolds. A highlight is the ability to revisit levels to attempt different strategies and perfect your approach—a nod to the game’s commitment to replay value.

Thalya herself emerges as more than a mere mission giver; she’s an upgradeable unit with robust abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Her character development and sardonically delivered lines of dialogue underscore the delight in playing from the perspective of malice, rather than benevolence.

Art Style and Performance

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Visually, Dungeons 4 is a melting pot of whimsy, with an art direction that adopts a vibrantly cartoonish aesthetic. Each character radiates personality, and the environments are richly detailed, although sometimes to the point of feeling cluttered. Despite the occasional visual overload, the overall presentation complements the game’s tone and is nothing short of pleasing to the eye.

On the performance front, the title runs smoothly for the most part. Despite a lack of advanced features like DLSS or FSR, the frame rates maintain an even keel, and support for ultrawide resolutions ensures that no one is left out of the visual feast—although UI scaling issues do present a slight drawback for players using monitors.

Online Co-op

Co-op play stands out as a delightful addition to the series, allowing two players to jointly rule over their dark domain. While this collaboration can alleviate some of the pressures of dungeon management, it also introduces an element of social interaction that enriches the experience. Here, communication and coordination are key to success, adding another dimension to the already intricate gameplay loop.

Where Improvements Could Be Made

While Dungeons 4 excels in many areas, there are aspects that could use refinement. Navigation within the menus can sometimes be cumbersome, particularly in inventory management and upgrades. On consoles especially, the absence of a mouse to easily click through options is felt acutely.

The controls, too, encounter snags. Accidentally toggling between realms can disrupt the flow of play, and the micromanagement of troops during intensive battles may lead to some frustration. Additionally, a feature that’s sorely missed is the ability to randomize skirmish maps, which puts a damper on the game’s long-term replayability.


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In conclusion, I really enjoyed my time with Dungeons 4. It carries its series forward triumphantly, delivering a robust strategy game laced with a deliciously evil sense of humor. Weaving resource management with strategic combat, the game provides an engrossing experience that tantalizingly toys with conventional tropes. With its extended campaign and engaging mechanics, it is a title that will please returning fans and newcomers alike, so long as they yearn to indulge their darker inclinations.


  • Engaging and nuanced real-time strategy gameplay
  • Mission-based structure with a variety of objectives
  • Witty sense of humor and subversive narrative charm
  • Option for cooperative play enhances the depth of strategy


  • Menu navigation and controls could be streamlined for console users
  • Visuals can occasionally feel overstuffed and convoluted
  • The absence of random map generation reduces skirmish replay value

Dungeons 4 is an exemplary title for those with a penchant for being the baddie and orchestrating chaos from the shadows. It earns a resounding recommendation, beckoning strategy aficionados to embrace their inner evil and command an army of the night like never before.

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