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Dive into a new level of gaming immersion with the Steam Deck, a powerful handheld gaming device designed to deliver the same gaming experience you’d get from a PC. Now, what if you want to share your stellar moves and high scores with the world, or just want to save a personal record of your gaming milestones? That’s where Decky Recorder comes into the picture.

Decky Recorder is a custom plugin developed for the Steam Deck that facilitates seamless recording of both screen and audio during gameplay. This article will guide you through the installation and use of this handy tool to capture your exciting gaming moments.

Decky Recorder – A Steam Deck Game Changer

The Decky Recorder Steam Deck plugin takes the gaming experience to a whole new level by providing gamers the ability to capture their in-game exploits with ease. This plugin allows you to start and stop screen recordings with audio. It not only preserves your most memorable gaming highlights but also enables sharing your gaming prowess with others.

How to Install Decky Recorder on Steam Deck

First things first, to use the Decky Recorder, you’ll need to install it on your Steam Deck. Here are the steps:

  1. Install Decky Loader: Decky Loader acts as the base framework for the Decky Recorder and other related plugins. Start by installing Decky Loader on your Steam Deck.
  2. Locate Decky Recorder: Once Decky Loader is installed, press the menu button (•••) on the Steam Deck. Scroll down until you find the Decky Loader plugin, then click the store icon. This action will open the plugin store where you can find various plugins designed to work with Decky Loader.
  3. Install Decky Recorder: In the plugin store, scroll down and search for the Decky Recorder plugin. Once you find it, proceed with the installation.

After you’ve successfully installed Decky Recorder, you’re ready to record your Steam Deck screen.

Using Decky Recorder to Capture Gameplay

To start recording your gameplay, follow these steps:

  1. Access Decky Recorder: Click the menu button (•••), then scroll down to the Decky plugin manager. In this menu, you’ll find Decky Recorder.
  2. Start and Stop Recording: With Decky Recorder, starting and stopping a recording is straightforward. You can easily control your recordings from the Decky Recorder menu.

All the recordings you make will be saved in your Videos folder, which is accessible in Desktop mode on your Steam Deck.

Also, make sure to try to capture Verified Steam Deck games, as these marked as Playable may not work very well with any recording plugin.

The latest version of Decky Recorder, version 0.2.1, also introduced an innovative Replay Mode feature. This functionality allows you to save up to the last five minutes of gameplay by simply pressing the Steam and Start buttons simultaneously. This is an excellent feature for capturing unexpected game moments or remarkable wins.

How easy was that?

Recording gameplay on your Steam Deck is a breeze thanks to Decky Recorder. Whether you’re aiming to share your gaming experiences with a wider audience or preserving personal records of your best gaming moments, this plugin is a must-have tool for every Steam Deck gamer.

So, why wait? Install Decky Recorder, and start capturing and sharing your unique gaming journey. Happy gaming and recording!

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