Rocket League Queue Time Time Counter Feature

Estimated Queue Time in Rocket League

In 2023 Rocket League has introduced a useful tool to help players know how long they’ll wait to play their next match. It’s called the “Estimated Queue Time,” and it’s here to make your Rocket League experience even better.

What is Estimated Queue Time in RL?

When you want to play an online match in Rocket League, the game tells you how long you might have to wait. It shows this time in seconds or minutes. As you wait, a little meter changes color. At first, it’s green, then it turns yellow, and if you have to wait a long time, it becomes red.

Replacing the Old System

Before this cool timer, Rocket League used to tell you if there were a lot of people playing (“Good,” “Great,” or “Amazing”). But that wasn’t very clear. Now, you have a timer that gives you a more exact idea of your wait time.

Where You Can See It

You’ll find the Estimated Queue Time counter when you’re looking for a match. It appears in the “Searching for Match” window after you pick a game type. You can also see it in the top right corner of the screen after a match.

When You Might Not See It

Sometimes, you won’t see the timer. For special game modes that don’t happen all the time, like Limited Time Modes, it might not show up. But for most regular games, it’s there to help you out.