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Fly Corp – concise guide, how to make money and unlock cities?

Fly Corp (game for mobile and PC) is about managing your air routes efficiently and staying on top of airport capacity. The color indicators are your friends: green signifies plenty of room in your airports or planes, yellow indicates they’re half full, orange means nearing capacity, and red is a warning – an airport reaching its capacity can result in a game over.

How to play better?

Expanding Your Airports

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Always keep your airports upgraded to accommodate increasing passenger inflow. If an airport fills up completely, you lose the game, so keeping them well-maintained and expanded is crucial. Spotting potential issues early can save you a lot of trouble, so zoom out frequently to check all your airports.

Planning Your Routes

Your flight routes should be clear and manageable to avoid confusion. Overcomplicated routes can result in inefficiency and potential game-ending airport congestion. While it may seem profitable to connect all airports, keeping your routes easy to read will help maintain a steady flow of passengers and income.

Capital Cities as Key Airports

Your capital cities should be hubs of activity. Focus your resources here as they’ll have the highest influx of passengers. Most of your planes should be flying to and from capital cities, especially for international flights.

Interconnected Domestic Flights

Keeping your domestic cities interconnected can greatly reduce airport congestion. However, ensure these flights only occur within the same country for ease of management.

Maintaining Financial Stability

Always reserve some money as a contingency plan to tackle emergencies like a near-full airport. Aim for a minimum of 5000 in your account at all times, and try to keep your expenditure within this limit to stay financially stable.

Unlocking Countries Strategically

Unlock countries adjacent to each other until you reach your goal. This technique, known as “country-hopping”, extends your timer and gives you access to more cities and potential income, helping you manage your money better.

Upgrading Your Planes

Upgrade your planes to increase their passenger capacity and speed. However, doing so can quickly drain your funds, so it’s crucial to upgrade wisely. Bigger planes are more efficient but also more costly.

Balancing International and Domestic Flights

International flights from capital cities should have multiple planes assigned to manage the heavy flow of passengers. For domestic flights, especially in countries with many cities like Russia, having more planes can prove beneficial.

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How to make money in Fly Corp?

The fundamental way to make money in Fly Corp is by transporting passengers to their desired destinations. This operation’s financial success depends on the principle of distance. The further away the passenger’s destination is, the more money you earn. How fast the passengers doesn’t matter per se, but if it frees up the airplane, so it can take off and make another flight.

How to unlock cities in Fly Corp?

The limit is 25 cities/airports per country, but there are exceptions like the United States. You can unlock cities only by progressing through the game and making as much progress as possible.