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How to buy Steam Deck 25% cheaper from Steam Store

I was planning on buying the Steam Deck for some time, but when they announced Steam Deck OLED 512GB for $549 I finally decided to buy it. But I wasn’t gonna pay the full price knowing that the Steam wallet can be sometimes bought cheaper than 1:1. So here’s a quick tutorial on how to buy the Steam Deck or any other Valve’s hardware or Steam games for 20-25% off the asking price.

Can you buy Steam Deck with steam wallet?

Yes, you absolutely can buy Steam Deck with Steam Wallet as with any other hardware and video games.

How I bought Steam Wallet for cheap in order to purchase Steam Deck

For one you can buy Steam wallet from someone, but it’s risky. So my method was to buy CSGO/CS2 items for cheap and sell them on Steam market for Steam wallet. I decided to go the safest way with no speculating as I’m no CS2 trader. So here’s how I did it:

  • I opened a new account on DMarket (website for buying and selling CS2 items, it’s a ref link; you can use any other website like that, just make sure it’s legit)
  • I topped up my account there by $440 in total – they didn’t ask me for any verification, but I’ve heard that they might need to do a KYC verification
  • I went do DMarket’s marketplace and I set filters for “Best Price on Global Market”, trade lock = 0 days and sorted by either “Newest First” or “Best Discount”
  • I searched for items for cheap, comparing them to their price on Steam market and calculating how much I could sell them for an instant with the Steam fees. Usually you can get 15-25% profit.
  • My tip would be to aim for items that are popular and not that expensive, I found the best deals at 10-50 dollars mark. For really expensive CS2 items there can be fake buy orders, so it’s better to look for items with hundreds of buy asks.
  • Knives and guns are usually the best bets as they’re high in demand.
  • Make sure to do your math and calculate Steam fees. But it’s quite easy, you can just enter the “request to buy” price on a random item from your Steam inventory and Steam will calculate the amount you would receive after selling any item at that entered price.
  • I bought the items’ off DMarket and immediately sent them to my Steam inventory and I sold them for the highest requested price. For popular items with lots of buy orders and narrow gap between sale and buy prices you can usually set it just below the lowest price on the marked and within an hour or so the item should be sold. I did that with a few items, but that can be risky with items of lower demand (also could be super profitable increasing the profit to 30% and more).
  • Experienced CS2 traders surely know that and know the best items to buy and sell and know the market fluctuations a bit. But my method is almost risk-free.
  • One more thing, when you sell expensive items on Steam market then there’s sometimes a 24 hour “pending” block on these funds. So you can’t buy Steam Deck or Steam games immediately in most cases.
DMarket filtering options
DMarket filtering options

After all of that when I go my over $549 in Steam wallet I order the Steam Deck OLED aaaaand the transaction was marked as “pending” too. But after 2 or 3 hours I got an e-mail from Valve with the order receipt and shipment details.

Steam Deck wallet purchase

If you’re going to buy the refurbished Steam Deck then you can purchase it for as low as $250 using this method.