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Jusant’s Ending and its Meaning

TL;DR: In the ending of Jusant, you play as the Piper, a character who reaches the top of the Tower with a water-creature companion, a baby Ballast. By playing music at specific points on the Tower, you reactivate ancient mechanisms, which culminate in making it rain and awakening other dormant Ballasts. This act not only brings water back to the dried-up world but also implies that the world might start turning again, ending the perpetual drought caused by its halted rotation. The Piper’s journey and the music played are key to reviving the world and restoring balance.

Life on the Tower

Jusant is a game where you climb a big Tower, trying to reach the top while carrying a small creature made of water. This game is special because it doesn’t have talking. The story is told through letters you find that were left by people who lived on the Tower a long time ago.

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These letters tell you about how things used to be before the world stopped turning. When the world stopped turning, it caused the sun to stay in one place, which made it so it never rained anymore. The Tower was once surrounded by water, and people lived there happily. But after the world stopped turning, the water went away, and the place turned into a desert. People had to decide whether to leave their homes or stay and try to survive.

The Creature You Carry: The Baby Ballast

As you play, you start to learn more about the small water creature you have with you. It’s called a Ballast, and it’s like a baby version of the big whale-like creatures you learn about from the letters. These big creatures, the Ballasts, seem to be connected to the missing water.

The Story of Bianca

One series of letters is from a girl named Bianca. She also climbed the Tower, just like you’re doing in the game. Bianca was looking for adventure and wanted to understand why there was no water. She met other people during her climb, and they all started to think maybe the big Ballasts had something to do with the missing water.

At first, Bianca and her friends just wanted to learn about the Ballasts, but then some of her friends decided they wanted to try to catch or kill them because they thought that might bring back the water. Bianca didn’t want to hurt the Ballasts, and eventually, she was left alone on the Tower.

The Piper and the Ending of Jusant

Now, here’s where things really start to make sense. You, the character you play, seem to be a person known as the Piper, mentioned in the letters Bianca’s friend wrote about. As the Piper, you’re trying to bring back the rain by playing music at special places on the Tower, helped by the baby Ballast.

When you play your music, the baby Ballast makes a special sound, and this teamwork activates parts of the Tower. There are five places you and the Ballast need to work together on. By the fourth place, a big, grown-up Ballast appears, and this one helps you get to the very tip-top of the Tower.

Up there, you find the last special spot, and when you play your music with the baby Ballast this time, something amazing happens. High above the Tower, there’s a huge orb made of water that was hidden by clouds. The music and the sound from the Ballast make it start to rain, finally bringing water back to the dry land.

The rain also wakes up all the other big Ballasts that were hiding up in the clouds, frozen. The baby Ballast, now a grown-up, joins them, flying away into the sky.

Why It All Happened

Even with this ending, there are still some mysteries left in the game. We don’t get to know why the big Ballasts were hiding or why the world stopped turning in the first place. Some players think that maybe people were hunting the Ballasts and that caused the problems. But in the end, by playing the game through to the end, you help make everything right again—bringing the rain, waking up the Ballasts, and maybe even making the world start turning again.

Jusant’s ending is like a puzzle where you have to fit the pieces together yourself. The game gives you clues, but it’s up to you to figure out the full story. As the Piper, you play a big part in fixing a world that was very thirsty for water, and your music was the key to solving the whole puzzle.

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