Kallax Review – Chaotic Co-op Furniture Fun

KallaX, developed and published by Unexpected, is a delightful co-op game that challenges players to work together in assembling furniture as adorable aliens in a whimsical space setting. With its unique blend of chaotic gameplay, communication skills, and teamwork mechanics, KallaX offers a refreshing and entertaining co-op experience for players of all ages.

KallaX thrusts players into the role of aliens who have crash-landed on a floating space station, charged with the task of assembling an array of quirky furniture pieces. The game begins with a series of straightforward tutorial levels that gradually introduce the mechanics and controls. As players progress, they are faced with more complex challenges, requiring precise coordination and effective communication to successfully assemble the given furniture.



The core gameplay of KallaX revolves around collaboration and problem-solving. Players must work closely together to interpret visual instructions, manipulate various furniture components, and assemble them correctly. Each player controls a pair of aliens and can perform multiple actions simultaneously, adding an extra layer of coordination and complexity to the gameplay.

The controls in KallaX are simple and intuitive. Players use one button to pick up furniture pieces and another to connect them. The mechanics are easy to grasp, but the real challenge lies in deciphering the visual instructions, which require careful observation and effective communication between players.


The game offers a wide variety of furniture items to assemble, ranging from simple stools and lamps to more intricate pieces like tables and cabinets. Some furniture items include additional customization options, such as cushions, which add an extra layer of complexity to the assembly process. Players must rely on clear communication and a well-coordinated approach to ensure that all components are correctly assembled.

Co-op Experience


KallaX truly shines when played with friends or family. The chaos that ensues when multiple players attempt to assemble furniture in a confined space adds a level of hilarity and excitement to the game. Communication is paramount, as players must strategize, assign tasks, and provide feedback to ensure the successful completion of each furniture piece. The game fosters camaraderie and teamwork, making for memorable and entertaining co-op sessions.

With the inclusion of three-player co-op, KallaX provides an additional layer of complexity and strategy. Each player can control two aliens, allowing for more efficient multitasking. However, this feature may diminish the need for clear communication, as one player can directly verify the progress made by the others. While this can speed up the gameplay, it also reduces the communication challenge, which is an integral part of the game’s appeal.

Visuals and Sound

KallaX features charming and vibrant visuals that perfectly complement its whimsical space theme. The aliens are adorable, with their colorful designs and quirky animations. The furniture pieces are distinct and well-crafted, offering a visually pleasing experience throughout the game. The space station setting is beautifully rendered, immersing players in a delightful cosmic environment.

The sound design in KallaX is equally impressive, with a fitting and lighthearted soundtrack that enhances the overall experience. The sound effects are playful and add to the chaotic nature of the gameplay. From the satisfying clinks of furniture pieces connecting to the occasional alien chatter, the audio elements help create an engaging and immersive atmosphere.

Level Design and Progression

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KallaX features a well-designed progression system that gradually introduces new furniture items and challenges to keep players engaged. The early tutorial levels provide a gentle learning curve, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the mechanics and controls. As the game progresses, the complexity of the furniture items increases, keeping gameplay fresh and challenging.

The level design in KallaX is inventive and imaginative. Each level presents unique obstacles and furniture configurations, requiring players to approach them strategically. The clever use of space and the incorporation of different furniture components keep the gameplay exciting and varied. Furthermore, the game offers a generous number of levels, ensuring that players have plenty of content to explore.


KallaX delivers a delightful and chaotic co-op experience that is both challenging and entertaining. The game’s unique blend of communication, teamwork, and furniture assembly mechanics creates an addictive and engaging gameplay loop. With its charming visuals, whimsical soundtrack, and well-designed progression system, KallaX is a standout co-op title that is sure to provide hours of laughter and enjoyment.


  • Innovative co-op gameplay that tests communication and teamwork skills
  • Charming graphics and art style create an immersive atmosphere
  • Varied and challenging furniture designs add depth to the gameplay
  • Encourages creative solutions and problem-solving
  • Dynamic physics-based mechanics add excitement and unpredictability
  • Well-designed controls for a smooth and accessible experience


  • Limited single-player experience without AI-controlled partners
  • Lack of level variety may lead to repetition
  • Few customization options for furniture designs

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