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Lake: Seasons Greetings DLC: Review

Picture the feeling of snuggling up under a soft blanket by a roaring fire, with a hot cup of chocolate in hand while the world outside is draped in a blanket of snow. This is the kind of comfort and warmth I found once again in Providence Oaks, the fictional setting of the video game “Lake”, but this time with a festive twist in the new DLC, “Seasons Greetings.”

A Step Back in Time

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It’s 1985, and we’re taking a step back in time to the year before “Lake” originally took place. Instead of stepping into the shoes of Meredith Weiss, we get to explore the life of her father, Thomas Weiss, a postal worker in the charming town of Providence Oaks.

The town is just as I remembered it: small, close-knit, and full of character. It felt like coming home, even though, in the game’s story, I’d never left. The snow-covered landscape added a fresh coat of paint to the familiar setting, making it all the more magical.

More Than Just Delivering Mail

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From the very first day, the town buzzes not just with the chill of winter, but with the news of a documentary news team stranded in town. Their van has broken down, and it seems they’ll be spending the holidays with us. The crew adds a new element to the daily life in Providence Oaks, making the already cozy game even more intriguing and personable.

Delivering mail takes up a chunk of my time as I drive around in the trusty postal truck, but like before, there’s more to life in Providence Oaks than just work. I found myself caught up in holiday preparations and the personal stories of the residents. These interactions built on the wonderfully relaxing experience of the game, pulling me deeper into the world with each conversation and parcel delivered.

Familiar Tunes and New Friendships

Listening to the radio as I drove was a predictable but delightful part of the game. I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the familiar songs from the original game, even if they did become a bit repetitive. There’s something comforting about the familiar—even in the music we hear.

Seasons Greetings’ story may not be as heart-tugging as the original, but it has its own charms. The residents of Providence Oaks have small stories to share, even if they’re just bite-sized. Getting to know them through Thomas Weiss’s eyes felt like making new friends all over again.

Idyllic Life in a Christmas Card Town

The developers have captured the essence of a cozy, small-town winter holiday perfectly. From the decor on the houses to the crunch of snow under my virtual boots, everything about Providence Oaks screamed “winter holidays.”

I found myself wanting to see the town at night, lit up by festive lights, but alas, the game didn’t offer that experience. Still, the winter aesthetic was applied with a loving touch, and it made the idyllic world of Providence Oaks come alive in a new, joyous way.

A Warm and Familiar Gameplay

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The gameplay in Seasons Greetings remained true to the original, simple but heartfelt. The act of delivering mail and chatting with the residents never got old. It’s easy to sink into the routine, the comfort of predictability, and the joy of small, everyday interactions. At no point did I feel like I was just going through the motions; it felt as welcoming as ever.

The gameplay reflects the simple, calming life of a postman in a small town over Christmas. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it was an ideal way for me to unwind and get into the holiday spirit.

A Couple of Bumps in the Snowy Road

Like any video game, Seasons Greetings isn’t without its technical hiccups. From minor bugs like sound issues or a camera zoom glitch to more noticeable ones where my truck was stuck on a fence, these issues occasionally broke the immersion. However, they were never enough to truly dull the sparkle of the holiday atmosphere in the game.

Is it worth it?

“Seasons Greetings” from Lake is a DLC that builds wonderfully on the original. It may be a quieter adventure, focusing more on interactions and slice-of-life drama than blockbuster moments, but it’s an experience I cherished. This game is a reminder of the peace and joy found in simple things during the holiday season.

Time seems to move at a different pace in Providence Oaks. The residents, the snowy scenery, the charming radio tunes—all combine to create a sensation of genuine connection to the world. As I made my rounds delivering mail, chatting with the townsfolk, and soaking in the Christmas spirit, I was reminded of the joy found in simple, authentic human experiences.

This game, much like a well-loved holiday tradition, was a comfort to return to. It may very well become a classic in the years to come—a game I’ll revisit when I want to feel that special holiday warmth without stepping foot outside. Whether you’re a fan of the original Lake or just looking for a cozy, festive experience to unwind with, “Seasons Greetings” is a winter delight that’s worth the virtual trip back to Providence Oaks.

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