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Mick’s Gordon DOOM Eternal Soundtrack

Few game soundtracks have achieved such iconic status as Mick Gordon’s work on the DOOM series, and his latest creation, the DOOM Eternal soundtrack, is no exception. In this article, we will delve into the awe-inspiring artistry that made this soundtrack the epic masterpiece it is, despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding its release.

Brilliance of Mick Gordon

Before we dive into the depths of DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack, it is imperative to acknowledge Mick Gordon’s exceptional talent as a composer. Mick Gordon is a renowned composer in the gaming industry known for his work on various AAA titles such as DOOM (2016), Wolfenstein: The New Order, and Killer Instinct. His ability to craft intense and atmospheric music has made him a fan favorite, and he has left an indelible mark on the gaming community.

Composition of DOOM Eternal

Mick Gordon’s work on the DOOM Eternal soundtrack is a testament to his exceptional skill and artistry. The album consists of 59 tracks, each expertly composed and mixed to immerse players into the chaotic world of DOOM. From the adrenaline-pumping combat tracks to the haunting atmospheric pieces, the soundtrack perfectly captures the essence of the game.

While Mick Gordon composed the majority of the tracks, it is worth noting that id Software’s Chad Mossholder played a significant role in mixing the soundtrack. The synergy between Mick Gordon and Chad Mossholder resulted in an unparalleled audio experience that elevated the intensity of the game. Unfortunately, it was the breakdown in this collaboration that led to the current controversy surrounding the official release of the DOOM Eternal soundtrack.

The Controversy and Unofficial Release

In a series of tweets, Mick Gordon shared his disappointment with the mixing process of the DOOM Eternal soundtrack. Due to time constraints and differing mixing techniques, Mick Gordon decided not to work on the tracks mixed by Chad Mossholder, resulting in a noticeable difference in audio quality among songs. Despite the controversy, Mick Gordon’s dedication to his craft pushed him to deliver a stunning soundtrack.

The Eternal Legacy

Despite the controversies surrounding its release, the DOOM Eternal soundtrack still managed to find its way into the hearts of fans. The heavy metal influences, industrial beats, and atmospheric undertones create a soundscape that perfectly complements the demon-slaying action on-screen. Each track is meticulously crafted to provoke feelings of adrenaline, power, and determination, making it an unforgettable audio experience.

Here is the complete Doom Eternal tracklist by Mick Gordon:

  1. Hell On Earth (5:02) – Used in Hell on Earth level, incorporates theme from “The Demons From Adrian’s Pen” (Doom)
  2. Cultist Base (5:32) – Used in Cultist Base level
  3. Blood Harvesting (3:36) – Used in Super Gore Nest level
  4. Soul Extraction (7:51) – Used in Nekravol – Part II – Soul Spire level
  5. BFG Division 2020 (4:46) – Used in Ripatorium, remastered version of “BFG Division” (Doom 2016)
  6. Metal Hell (6:07) – Used in Nekravol – Part II – Soul Factory level
  7. Paradise Lost (3:47) – Used in Urdak level, incorporates theme from “Residual” (Doom 2016) at 1:49
  8. Urdak (4:45) – Used in Urdak level, incorporates theme from “Residual” (Doom 2016) in-game only; does not occur on soundtrack.
  9. The DOOM Hunter (5:08) – Used in Doom Hunter boss battle
  10. Infiltrate the Cult (4:52) – Used in Cultist Base level
  11. A Cultist Prayer (4:06) – Used in Cultist Base level, incorporates percussion from “Countdown to Death” (Doom II)
  12. Demonic Corruption (3:57) – Used in Hell on Earth level
  13. Maykr Drones (3:56) – Used in Urdak level, incorporates theme from “Residual” (Doom 2016) at 2:45
  14. The Khan Maykr (Chad Mossholder Remix) (5:12) – Interpolates theme from “Residual” (Doom 2016). Credited to Chad Mossholder.
  15. Deag Ranak (2:18) – Used in Doom Hunter Base level
  16. Mars Core (4:58) – Used in Mars Core – Lost City of Hebeth level
  17. Deag Nilox – First Priest Death (0:54) – Used in Hell on Earth – Hell barge level
  18. The Icon of Sin (5:36) – Used in Final Sin – Icon of Sin boss battle level
  19. Phobos Space (5:39) – Used in Mars Core – Phobos moon base level
  20. A Slayer City (3:27) – Used in Taras Nabad level
  21. The Super Gore Nest (5:11) – Used in Super Gore Nest level
  22. The Only Thing They Fear Is You (6:52) – Used in ARC Complex level, incorporates themes from “Into Sandy’s City” (Doom II) and “Dr. Samuel Hayden” (Doom 2016)
  23. Asteroids and Rockets (5:55) – Used in Mars Core level
  24. You Can’t Just Shoot A Hole Into The surface of Mars (1:42) – Used in Mars Core level
  25. DOOM Hunted (4:26) – Used in Doom Hunter Base – Doom Hunter boss battle level
  26. Blood Sacrifice (3:35) – Used in Nekravol – Part II level
  27. Welcome Home Great Slayer (3:15) – Used in Sentinel Prime level, remix of “Sign of Evil” (Doom)
  28. Prayer of the Diminished (1:41) – Used in Hell on Earth – Demonic Citadel level, choral remix of “Countdown to Death” (Doom II)
  29. Gladiator Boss (4:53) – Used in Sentinel Prime – Gladiator battle level
  30. Beast of the Arena (1:45) – Used in flashback cinematic
  31. Fortress of Doom – Chad Mossholder (3:00) – Used in Fortress of Doom level
  32. Revenant Possession (0:46) – Used in Cultist Base level
  33. Usurper Gore (4:20) – Used in Super Gore Nest level
  34. Sinister (3:50) – Used in Cultist Base level, choral remix of “Sinister” (Doom)
  35. Super Shotgun Reunion (0:46) – Used in Cultist Base level
  36. The Baron of Hell (3:32) – Used in ARC Complex level
  37. Doomed Hunter (3:16) – Used in Doom Hunter Base level
  38. Command and Control (5:06) – Used in Mars Core level, incorporates theme of “BFG Division” (Doom 2016)
  39. BFG 10k (2:55) – Used in Mars Core level
  40. Sam’s Base (5:06) – Used in ARC Complex level, incorporates theme from “Dark Halls” (Doom)
  41. Phobos Base (3:31) – Used in Mars Core level
  42. Acquiring the BFG (3:48) – Used in Mars Core level
  43. Heart of the Beast (5:32) – Used in Super Gore Nest level
  44. Consumption (6:08) – Used in Super Gore Nest level
  45. Bio-organic Continuum Gate (5:08) – Used in Super Gore Nest level
  46. Massive Demonic Presence (8:11) – Used in Super Gore Nest level
  47. Armored Response Coalition (3:06) – Used in ARC Complex level
  48. Kalibas the Sightless Judge (5:43) – Used in Nekravol level
  49. S.O.S. from Earth (2:40) – Used in intro cinematic, incorporates themes from “Dark Halls” (Doom) at 0:56 and “At Doom’s Gate” (Doom) at 1:31, crescendo from Doom (2016)
  50. Barging In (2:40) – Used in Hell on Earth level
  51. Taras Nabad (5:31) – Used in Taras Nabad level, incorporates theme from “Victory” (Doom)
  52. King Novik (1:55) – Used in Exultia level
  53. The Khan Maykr (7:41) – Used in Urdak – Khan Maykr battle level, incorporates theme from “Residual” (Doom 2016) at 0:05
  54. Meathook (6:06) – Used in Exultia level, contains an allusion to the Doom 3 introductory cinematic theme at 2:48
  55. Eternal Prophecy (6:52) – Used in Exultia level
  56. The Betrayer (6:01) – Used in Exultia level, remix of “Victory” (Doom)
  57. DOOM Eternal (4:57) – Used in main menu, full remix of “Opening to Hell” (Doom II) and theme from “Dark Halls” (Doom) at 1:19
  58. End of Level (2:30) – Used in mission summary
  59. Final Sin – Sandy City (1:53) – Used in Final Sin level, incorporates theme from “Into Sandy’s City” (Doom II)

Doom Eternal Soundtrack – Ode to the Fury of Hell by Mick Gordon

Doom Eternal Soundtrack

Welcome to the fiery realm of DOOM Eternal! If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of slaying demonic hordes while immersing yourself in a world of chaos, then you’ll understand the importance of a captivating and adrenaline-pumping soundtrack. In this blog post, we delve into the depths of the DOOM Eternal Soundtrack, composed by the immensely talented Mick Gordon. Prepare to embark on a symphonic journey that will leave you breathless and craving more.

Unleashing the Beast: Hell On Earth

The album kicks off with a powerful opening track titled “Hell On Earth.” Instantly, you are submerged into the depths of hell itself, surrounded by the relentless fury of demonic forces. Mick Gordon expertly combines heavy metal riffs with haunting atmospheric elements, creating a seamless blend that perfectly captures the essence of DOOM.

The Infiltration Begins: Cultist Base

As you progress into the game, you find yourself infiltrating the Cultist Base. The soundtrack accompanying this level captures the tension and urgency of your mission. Mick Gordon masterfully weaves together intense guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and electronic elements to enhance the feeling of impending doom, driving you to push forward and eliminate the forces of evil.

Unleashing Your Inner Beast: BFG Division 2020

“BFG Division 2020” is a remastered version of a fan-favorite track from the previous DOOM game. This updated rendition breathes new life into the iconic composition, immersing you in an otherworldly auditory experience. The track combines bone-crushing guitar riffs with electronic beats, showcasing Mick Gordon’s ability to merge different genres seamlessly.

Ascending to the Heavenly Realm: Urdak

As you ascend to the celestial realm of Urdak, a serene yet powerful atmosphere engulfs you. The track titled “Urdak” transports you to a realm of ethereal beauty, with its soaring melodies and haunting choir elements. It provides a stark contrast to the chaotic battles you’ve endured so far, reminding you of the otherworldly origins of the demonic invasion.

Unleashing the Wrath: The Only Thing They Fear Is You

“The Only Thing They Fear Is You” is a standout track that accompanies the intense battles found in the ARC Complex level. This track exemplifies Mick Gordon’s ability to create music that exudes both relentless energy and a touch of darkness. The distorted guitar riffs and pounding drums give you a taste of the fury of the Slayer himself.

Battling the Divine: The Khan Maykr

When you face off against the formidable Khan Maykr, the soundtrack amplifies the epic encounter. The track “The Khan Maykr” immerses you in an orchestral masterpiece, combining grandeur and majesty with a sense of impending doom. It perfectly captures the momentous clash between the realms of heaven and hell.

Navigating the Perils: Phobos Base

In the hauntingly atmospheric “Phobos Base,” you are thrust into a world of darkness and trepidation. The track’s haunting ambient sounds and electronic elements create an unnerving sense of isolation, heightening the tension as you traverse the treacherous corridors of this base.

The Ultimate Showdown: The Icon of Sin

“The Icon of Sin” is a fitting title for the climactic battle that awaits you. As you face off against the ultimate embodiment of evil, the soundtrack intensifies, driving your adrenaline to new heights. Mick Gordon’s masterful composition perfectly complements the frantic and desperate struggle to save humanity from annihilation.

A Symphony of Hellish Delight

The DOOM Eternal Soundtrack by Mick Gordon is an auditory masterpiece that immerses you in the infernal realm like never before. Each track flawlessly complements the gameplay, capturing the essence of intense battles, otherworldly realms, and the eternal struggle between good and evil. Mick Gordon’s talent for combining heavy metal and atmospheric elements creates a sonic experience that is both exhilarating and immersive.

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So, grab your shotgun, don your Praetor Suit, and prepare to descend into the depths of Hell with the DOOM Eternal Soundtrack as your merciless guide. Let the music fuel your adrenaline and immerse you in a world of chaos, where only the strongest survive. Experience the fury of Mick Gordon’s awe-inspiring compositions and witness the union of sound and gameplay that defines DOOM Eternal’s uniquely savage experience.

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