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New Cycle: Early Access Review

New Cycle is like a fresh-born child in the city-building family, opening its eyes to a world left dark by a giant sun blast. It’s rough, it’s tough, and it’ll make you wear your thinking hat tight. I buckled up, eager to see if I could tame this wild horse of a game.

From Dust to Rust

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Imagine this: The sun throws a fit, electronics go pop, and we’re left to play house with sticks and stones. That’s New Cycle for you. It’s like we’re back to square one, and the goal? Build a new world from the ground up. Sounds thrilling? It is, but the first hour of the game might be a bit boring for some. But then it gets interesting.

A Guide for the Lost

I must be honest. When I first stepped into the New Cycle world, it was like being thrown into deep water without knowing how to swim. You see, place a house wrong, and you’ve already got a foot in the grave. But after sticking to it like gum on a shoe, my own little corner of civilization started to look like something. And—and this is a big ‘and’—I learned that everything you have can vanish. Poof! Like sugar in tea, if you aren’t careful.

Don’t let the doom and gloom talk scare you away. New Cycle may have this heavy, shadowy look, like the sun’s gone shy. But I find myself liking it. It fits, like a puzzle piece in the big picture. It whispers stories of hard times, but it’s not just a sad tale. I want to dive into it, wrap myself in its gray world, and splash a bit of hope around.

Playing the Game

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The game itself? It’s like playing chess with nature. You’ve got the basic moves like in any city-sprouting game, but here, Mother Nature isn’t just a spectator. She’s in the ring with you, ready to throw a curve ball—a storm, a freeze, a scorching hot spell. It keeps you on your edge, eyes peeled, brain ticking.

Let’s talk survival. It’s not just about laying bricks. No, sir. You’ve got mouths to feed, bodies to keep warm, and spirits to lift. If you slack, people get sad, or worse, they get sick. And if that happens? Trouble. Big trouble. It’s a delicate dance of give-and-take, push-and-pull. Get it right, and you’re golden. Get it wrong, and well, it’s back to square one.

Lightning Strikes… Literally

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Here’s a tale for you. My town was ticking over like a well-oiled machine. Then zap! Lightning turns my hard work to toast. That’s New Cycle being feisty. But that’s the game, right? You smile, you rebuild, you learn. I didn’t throw my hands up. No, I rolled up my sleeves. “Bring it on,” I said.

I’ve got to moan about something, though. Trying to smarten up my town folk was like painting a house with a toothbrush. It was so slow, so pricey, I nearly tore my hair out. And then there’s the water well kerfuffle. Wells overflowing, but only giving drips and drops—definitely made me shake my head.

The Spark of Innovation

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Now, let’s light up the mood. Power up! Literally. Once you get your hands on those precious cables, you’re zapping buildings better, faster, stronger. It’s like hitting turbo on your town car.

But wait, there’s more. Outside the walls of your town lies the great unknown. Send out scouting teams, hunt for treasures, drag them back to your doorstep. It’s like a treasure hunt where the map just keeps growing. Every step out there, you’re sketching new lines on the map, expanding your little world.

The Verdict


Alright, let’s talk turkey. New Cycle is rough around the edges, and I mean that fondly. It’s got this raw charm, like a diamond in the dirt. It’s an early bird waking up to the world, so it’s got kinks—issues here and there. But give this bird time to spread its wings, and we might just see it soar.

As a wise man might say, New Cycle isn’t just a “build and watch” game. It’s a “build and hope you don’t get wiped out” game. For folks who like their city games with a side of edge-of-your-seat, it’s spot on.

For now, it’s like an unfinished painting that you can already tell is going to be a great game. I can’t wait to see how it develops.

So, is it worth the shot? I say yes. Yes, with a lump in your throat, but a twinkle in your eye, knowing you’re in for one heck of a ride. Get ready to rule this new world with a gentle hand and an iron fist—and don’t forget to save your game, frequently.

My score: 8/10

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