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Obenseuer: Review – A Concrete Jungle

Have you ever longed for a game that tosses you headfirst into a gritty world where you gotta scrap and claw for every little win? Let me tell you about my recent find – Obenseuer. This little game on Steam has had me hooked and it’s still just in early access!

Obenseuer is not your sunny day at the beach kind of fun. It’s tough. It’s like being handed a run-down building block in a place where even the air feels like it’s made out of old concrete and saying, “Here, make something of this.” Imagine a game like My Summer Car but trade the car for a building in a Soviet-era Finland-style setting. Got it? Cool, let’s go.

The Daily Grind

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This game… it’s a breed of its own. Your day-to-day? Scrounge for anything you can get your hands on. Think of it like Hobo Tough Life, if you’ve ever dabbled in that. You dig through piles of stuff, sort the treasures from the junk, and sell off what you can to keep your head above water. Along the way, you’re decking out your own slice of paradise (scrappy as it is) with better gear and higher tech to make your life a smidgen easier.

A World Alive with the Weird

But wait – there’s a whole boatload more. Obenseuer‘s got these kooky side elements that give it a heartbeat. First off, there’re these wild ‘shrooms. Nope, not the supermarket kind – the ones that give you the giggles and then some. But they’re double-edged: trip too much and you’re sliding down a slippery slope of sickness.

Then there’s the booze fest. Imagine crafting your own moonshine out of just about anything. Yup, even stuff that would make your stomach turn. And yessir, you can roll your own smokes β€” mix in a bit of mushroom magic, too, if that floats your boat.

Mix up the mushrooms, booze, and tobacco, and you’ve got a cocktail of addictions that’s as messy as it sounds. Maybe you’ll find a rubber ducky that sends you head over heels (don’t ask, just play).


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Now, hard work in a game can sound like a drag, but Obenseuer has this knack for keeping things bouncy with its own quirky sense of humor. You’ll chuckle at the absurdity, I promise. The game doesn’t just keep you laughing, though β€” it sucker-punches with some real talk. It doesn’t shy away from the rough stuff. Got the blues? It can truly mess you up in this game. The developers aren’t pulling any punches about how tough life can be.

Dreaming of a cozy nook you can call your own? Well, in Obenseuer, that’s no small feat. This game gets real about the climb from rock bottom to a place you can proudly hang your hat. But stick with it, learn the ropes, and with a dash of good fortune, you’ll build up your haven in this madcap world.

My Fungal Fantasy (or is it a Nightmare?)

Now let’s chat about those mushrooms again. Folks, they’re a trip β€” literally. My in-game alter ego sauntered down that rabbit hole and hasn’t stopped. It’s wild, it’s spooky, but it sure adds a layer of “What on earth?” to the mix.

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At times, I felt like I was going bonkers, watching shadows twist and hearing whispers. But then I’d nail a solid trade or find a rare find in the trash, and I was the king of the castle once more.

Bringing the Fun to Dysfunction

You might think a game about the grind, the grime, and the grim has no right to be fun, but trust me, it nails it. “Fun” has many faces here in Obenseuer. It’s dirty, it’s dingy, but by golly, if it isn’t engaging as all get out. Each time I thought I was done, I’d be pulled back in. There’s always one more deal to cut, one more piece to fix up, one more hallucination to conquer.

So, power through the tough stuff, keep your wits about you, and for heaven’s sake, don’t let the ‘shrooms get the best of you. πŸ˜‰

Verdict: Not for Everyone, But Maybe Just for You

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Alright, wrapping this up. Obenseuer isn’t your typical walk in the park. It’s for those who crave a different flavor of fun, who aren’t afraid to get a few virtual calluses. The developers? They’re new kids on the block, but they’ve got their sights set just right – within reach but still reaching. They’re telling a tale, sharing a piece of a world buffed with grime but still sparkling underneath.

Will Obenseuer tickle your fancy? That’s up to you. But if you’re into a sim with soul, a bit of grunge, and a dash of droll, you might just want to jump into this Concretepunk universe.

Crazy, tricky, but oh-so-addictive – that’s Obenseuer for you. 10/10 for the audacity to be different.

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