Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure EA Review

When I first launched Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure, I was immediately charmed. The world is vibrant and inviting, and the opportunity to create my own little avatar was a delightful start. Customization might not be the most in-depth, but hey, the color sliders let me personalize my character just the way I like it.

After that initial setup, I started really getting into the meat and potatoes of the game: building my automaton army. Oddsparks’ blend of Pikmin-like minion management and Factorio-style automation instantly clicked with me. The little Sparks – those adorable combinations of critters and machines – quickly stole my heart! Each type has its own personality and purpose, from the clumsy-but-eager Stumpy Sparks to the battle-ready Choppy Sparks.

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The gameplay loop of Oddsparks hooked me from the start. Exploring the procedurally-generated world, gathering resources, and constructing an increasingly intricate network of automated production lines hits that perfect cozy gaming vibe for me. The game’s easy to grasp, but there’s definitely a depth to the automation systems that’ll satisfy even the most seasoned factory sim enthusiast. It’s a testament to the developers that Oddsparks manages to be accessible for newcomers while still offering plenty for veterans of the genre to sink their teeth into.

Control-wise, everything feels snappy and responsive whether I’m using my controller or a mouse and keyboard. The way I can toss my Sparks towards resources or have them swarm an enemy is pure joy. That little musical cue my character plays to recall Sparks? It melts my heart every time!

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Visually, Oddsparks is a treat. The character designs are charming, landscapes are lush, and creatures you encounter have delightfully quirky designs – wait until you see those Beetlephants! But the real star of the show is the sound design. Calming music and adorable Spark beeps add a lot to the game’s relaxing atmosphere.

While Oddsparks might be in Early Access, it already feels like a polished experience. I didn’t encounter many performance issues while I was playing, and its foundation feels incredibly strong. The quest system adds a light story element that’ll keep you moving forward and uncovering new automation possibilities. I’m excited to see how this world and its systems expand as it spends time in Early Access.

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If you’re a fan of cute characters, automation games, cozy vibes, or honestly, just great games, Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure is worth your time. It’s a fresh, fun take on the genre that’s bursting with personality. Sure, the UI could be snappier in places and sometimes the pace feels a bit leisurely, but those are small bumps in an otherwise incredibly exciting journey. Get ready to fall in love with your Spark army and lose countless hours to automation goodness!

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  • Adorable art style and character designs
  • Intuitive and satisfying automation systems
  • Relaxing gameplay with a surprising depth of strategy
  • Good Early Access experience

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