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Review: Valfaris: Mecha Therion

It’s not every day you get to jump into the pilot seat of a mech suit and unleash fury on a relentless army set against a backdrop that sings heavy metal. But that’s precisely what I got to do in ‘Valfaris: Mecha Therion’, a game that rockets you into the thick of action so intense it’s like diving headfirst into a mosh pit… but with lasers.

Let me take you through the pulsating heart of this game. Picture this: you’re Therion, a space warrior with a beef to settle against his big bad dad, Vroll. Last time out, Bathoryn was the go-to sword, and now it’s your turn to swing that mighty piece of metal to save the day.

From the get-go, ‘Valfaris: Mecha Therion’ revs up with a gritty, neon-tinged world that looks like it jumped straight out of a kickass album cover. The game makes sure your eyes feast on a bonanza of visual treats. Our hero’s bulky and your foes are just as menacingly chunky, sidestepping the bullet hell accuracy for a more rough and tumble fight style.

A Visual & Auditory Overdrive

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As I piloted Therion through levels crafted like scenes from the raddest metal videos, my screen became a warzone. Lasers, bullets, and beasts flooded every inch, causing chaos that was part aesthetic joy and part sensory overload. That’s cool in its own way, but sometimes that chaos gets in the way, making you take a hit that feels a tad unfair.

Enemy-wise, there’s a who’s who of baddies. Some look like they’re fresh from badass space odes, while others would fit right in squishing up the corridors of a Warhammer campaign. Jellies with bad attitudes, space marines with worse manners – it’s all here.

Boss battles are the main event, and they don’t disappoint. They’re the kind of tough that makes victory taste all the sweeter, especially when you ramp up the difficulty. Feeling a bit too comfortable? Crank it up with the unlocked modes after your first playthrough. Want to be the best of the best? There’s a bunch of achievements to chase that’ll have you battling again and again.

When Firepower Meets Swordplay

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My arsenal? A thing of beauty. Ranged weapons spit hot death from a distance, while my melee option let me get personal when I wanted. The gunplay felt good, a trusted companion that stood tall against the tide of foes. But the sword isn’t just for show. Swing it to juice up your gun’s energy bar, and you create a strategic dance of shoot-swing-shoot that keeps things from getting stale.

New weapons pop up as you tear through the game. They range from reliable to straight-up wild, like a flamethrower that gives enemies a hotfoot. The melee options have their own special kick, too. I found that the axe packed a punch but made me a slow mover. And hey, upgrading weapons isn’t just for show; it’s a part of survival. Me, I stuck with the flamethrower and axe combo for a good chunk of the game.

But wait, there’s more! Auxiliaries like bombs let me rain havoc on the grounded grunters, and passive boosts helped sharpen my edge in battle. Secrets and collectibles were stashed all over, rewarding the curious with upgrade goodies or new toys for my war chest.

Fast and Furious: Mech Edition

ValfarisMT 06

Three years from ‘Valfaris’, and the pace has picked up. ‘Valfaris: Mecha Therion’ sticks you in a hulking mech suit. It’s like strapping a jet engine to a sledgehammer – everything is faster, fiercer, and a whole lot more explosive. My mech could dash, blast, and smash like some intergalactic battering ram.

The game tosses a diverse menu of killables at you, requiring a quick-switch strategy between gun, melee, and special abilities. Whether it’s a cloud of pesky fliers or ground-bound bomb-barfers, adaptation is key. Take ’em out from a safe distance, or get in there and mix it up – the choice is yours, and it felt good to have options.

And let’s talk about the rhythm of combat. Finding your groove in this pulsing battlefield is a challenge itself, but once you sync up with the game’s beat, you’re conducting an orchestra of destruction. It’s trial by fire, and dying is part of learning. Thankfully, ‘Mecha Therion’ doesn’t believe in scolding you for slipping up. You’ll be back in the fray faster than you can say “respawn,” ready to apply those hard-earned lessons.

Metal Riffs and Mayhem

The soundtrack is a blast of metal riffs that make everything feel ten times more epic. I’m not just saying this; the tunes are so good they practically add an extra layer of armor. It’s like your own personal heavy metal concert providing the backdrop to every battle.

The jump to 2.5D in the game brings everything to life with more flair. The depth added to the environments not just beautifies the eye candy but also reshapes the battle landscape. And those moments when the camera angle shifts? It’s like the game is showing off, giving you a new perspective on the chaos.


ValfarisMT 04

So, what’s the verdict? ‘Valfaris: Mecha Therion’ took me on a wild ride through space, delivering a symphony of bullets and blades with the finesse of a headbanger doing the waltz. Clocking in at 12 hours for my three playthroughs, I found it neither too short nor overstaying its welcome, and it’s dripping with replayability thanks to those difficulty spikes and achievements.

Don’t get me wrong, the game’s not perfect. The screen can get messy, turning intense fights a bit messy, and if you’re a veteran looking for a tough-as-nails battle, the standard difficulty could feel like kid gloves. But it’s a small price to pay for the thrills on offer.

‘Steel Mantis’ has done it again with ‘Valfaris: Mecha Therion’. If you dig scorching action, mech suits, and the chance to rip through enemies while headbanging to an epic soundtrack, this is your gig. Switch off your brain, crank up the volume, and let the carnage commence.

Score: 7.5/10

Sure, a few smudges on its metal visage aren’t enough to distract from the fact that ‘Valfaris: Mecha Therion’ is a high-octane romp that gets the blood pumping. Get ready to lock and load; it’s showtime in the stars.

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