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Squad Game Review 2023 – is it worth it now?

I’ve spent countless hours diving into various first-person shooters throughout my gaming journey, but few have captivated me as thoroughly as Squad. Developed by Offworld Industries, Squad is a title that emphasizes strategy, teamwork, and realism. Here’s my deep dive into this tactical shooter that stands tall among its contemporaries.

Setting the Stage

From the onset, it’s clear that Squad is not your average run-and-gun shooter. The game drops you into expansive, meticulously crafted maps that are more than just pretty landscapes; they are vital components of your tactical considerations.

Gameplay Mechanics

Squad thrives on realism. Gone are the days where you sprint around corners or rely on health regeneration. Here, every bullet counts. Damage feels real, and the consequences of a misplaced step or hasty decision are often a swift return to the respawn screen.

Communication is your most powerful weapon. With up to 50 players on each side, coordinating assaults, defenses, and logistics with your team is paramount. The in-game VOIP system, complete with proximity chat and radio comms for squad leaders, gives a layer of immersion that had me feeling more like an actual soldier than a gamer on a couch.

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Tactical Depth

For those accustomed to more arcade-like shooters, Squad’s learning curve may seem steep. However, patient players who climb that curve will find an unparalleled depth. Building forward operating bases, deciding on weapon loadouts as a team, and even vehicle logistics play a significant role in the outcome of battles.

Visuals and Sound

Graphically, Squad is impressive. The landscapes are vast and varied, offering everything from dense urban settings to sprawling deserts. The attention to detail, especially in the weapon models and animations, is commendable.

But where Squad truly shines is in its sound design. Gunfire in the distance isn’t just an ambient noise; it’s an indicator of enemy movement. The thud of a round passing close by is genuinely unsettling, and the cacophony of a full-on assault is both thrilling and terrifying. Squad is a game best experienced with a good pair of headphones.

Community and Longevity

Given the team-oriented nature of the game, the community plays a vital role in the Squad experience. And I must say, I’ve rarely come across a more welcoming and helpful bunch. Veterans are often eager to help rookies, and the sense of camaraderie is palpable.

With regular updates, new maps, and continued developer engagement, Squad seems poised for a long and healthy lifespan in the gaming community.


Squad is not for the faint of heart. It demands patience, strategy, and most importantly, teamwork. But for those willing to dive in and embrace its challenges, it offers an unparalleled tactical shooter experience.

I’d recommend Squad to any FPS enthusiast looking for a more grounded, strategic game. While its learning curve is steep, the rewards for mastering its systems are immensely satisfying. It’s a rare gem in the world of tactical shooters, and I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to where Offworld Industries takes it next.

Is Squad worth playing in 2023?

By now, Squad has benefited from years of patches, optimizations, and updates. Any technical hiccups or limitations present in its earlier days have largely been ironed out. The developers have demonstrated a clear commitment to refining the game, responding to community feedback, and adding layers of depth to the gameplay.

One of Squad’s most significant assets has always been its community. By 2023, this community hasn’t just endured; it has flourished. Veterans of the game are ever-willing to guide newcomers, and there’s a sense of camaraderie in the virtual trenches that few other games can match.

With the addition of new maps, factions, and vehicles, Squad offers a richer experience now than ever before. The modding community has also been hard at work, creating unique scenarios, game modes, and even entirely new landscapes to explore and battle across.

On the technical front, with the advancement of hardware by 2023, Squad runs buttery smooth, delivering a seamless and immersive combat experience. The game has also expanded its compatibility horizons, ensuring more players across different platforms can dive into the action.

Squad in 2023 isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving. Whether you’re a tactical shooter veteran or someone looking to dive into the genre, now is as good a time as any to join the ranks and experience the gritty, intense, and rewarding world of Squad.