Steam Wallet Pending Funds After Selling Item on Market

Steam, a well-known gaming platform, seems to be taking steps against potential scams with a new rule. It’s been noticed that Steam now puts a delay on the sale of community marketplace items if they’re listed at a price that’s much higher than usual. This action hasn’t been officially announced, but it seems like an attempt to stop illegal activities on this popular PC gaming platform.

Steam pending transaction

I recently sold a steam foil trading card for a quite high price and also some CS:GO items. And on my Steam Wallet beside my usual Steam Balance I have XX dolars pending. I asked Steam support why is that and they have responsed to me with this message:

“The purchase price for this item is unusual. Funds received for this sale will be held temporarily,”

So, why would Steam delay a sale if the price is higher than usual? While this is only a guess, it looks like Steam is carefully checking transactions to prevent scams. One trick scammers use is to “cash out” a stolen Steam account by selling any available items at a very high price, then buying that overpriced item using the stolen account. This transfers the money from the stolen account’s Steam Wallet to the scammer, leaving the account’s real owner with a worthless digital item.

This new rule could also stop large-scale money laundering. Steam’s open market is easy for anyone to use, making it a possible place for cleaning money from other illegal activities. Buying items at higher than normal prices ensures fast transactions, something criminals would want to hide their illegal activities.

The rule might also stop users from taking money out of their Steam Wallets. Money put into a Steam Wallet can’t be turned back into cash. To get cash back, users would need to find a buyer willing to pay real money for their Steam Wallet account. These buyers would then sell the user a Steam item at a high price, with the Wallet seller paying in real cash, usually slightly less than what the Wallet was worth.

These situations go against Steam’s rules and could get your account banned. But with Steam now closely watching transactions, it’s more likely that scammers and money launderers will get caught.