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Sunkenland Early Access Review: Very Promising Deep-Sea Adventure

Sunkenland, developed by Vector3, offers players a unique survival adventure set in a waterlogged world. Drawing inspiration from the cult-classic film Waterworld, this early-access game aims to capture the beauty and mystery of the open ocean. In this detailed review, we will explore the story, graphics, sound, gameplay, replay value, and potential of Sunkenland, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.

Story and Concept

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Sunkenland presents players with a post-apocalyptic world flooded by an unknown catastrophe. While the game currently lacks a developed narrative, atmospheric clues indicate a desolate setting, ravaged by time and mutation. Sunken ruins and sunken houses scattered across the submerged landscape suggest a world submerged for a prolonged period. Mysterious mutants roam the land, hinting at the potential for variant humans or the ecological aftermath of the disaster. While the game lacks in-depth lore and quests at present, the developers have promised to expand these aspects in future updates.


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Sunkenland boasts solid graphics, particularly when played on maximum settings. Exquisite attention to detail can be seen in item textures and structural elements, while dynamic lighting effects enhance the game’s visual appeal. The day-night cycle creates a captivating shift in the world’s ambiance, with breathtaking sunsets casting ethereal colors across the seascape. The distinct rusted appearance of most items reinforces the game’s post-apocalyptic atmosphere successfully. However, the lack of personality in some advanced melee weapons, guns, and clothing could benefit from more rusted, jagged, and apocalyptic designs. Additionally, character models require improvement, as stiff animations and blank, unmoving faces detract from the overall visual experience.

Underwater landscapes shine exceptionally in Sunkenland, with vivid visual effects portraying the interplay of light and shadow. These ethereal surroundings create a sense of mystery and wonder, enriching the player’s exploration. While the game reuses assets and textures, more variety is needed to reward and engage players further.

Sound and Atmosphere

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Sunkenland’s soundscape offers a mixed experience, balancing commendable aspects with room for improvement. The atmospheric and relaxing music tracks generally suit the game well; however, the lack of variety and looping can become repetitive after extended play sessions. Introducing breaks between tracks and expanding the musical selection would enhance the overall auditory experience.

Most sound effects align appropriately with their respective actions. Guns, in particular, produce loud, explosive, and distinct sounds, contributing to the immersion. However, impact sounds could benefit from improvements, such as refining the chopping wood sounds to avoid abrupt cutoffs and introducing crunchier sounds for mining and repairing activities.

While melee combat feels somewhat lacking, the absence of enemy outcry when injured detracts from the immersion. Implementing audibly reactive enemies would not only confirm successful hits but also enhance the sense of combat realism.


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Sunkenland’s gameplay, despite being in its early-access stage, offers an enjoyable and addictive experience. The core gameplay loop revolves around survival, exploration, base-building, crafting, researching, boat driving, and occasional trading. Collecting resources, building a base, and creatively expanding one’s settlement provide a satisfying sense of progression.

However, obstacles exist within the base-building mechanics. Objects occasionally fail to snap into place correctly, and the absence of restrictions on overlapping structures limits building precision. Optimization issues become noticeable when constructing larger bases, leading to significant lag that affects gameplay. Enhancing optimization is crucial for a smoother, uninterrupted experience.

Combat generally caters to a cover-based approach. Ranged combat rewards players who understand cover mechanics, as enemy AI exhibits limited knowledge of cover utilization. Melee combat mechanics, while simple, require more depth and refinement. Displaying more comprehensive weapon and armor stats would assist players in adapting their gear to suit their playstyle effectively.

The research system, offering a range of buildings, weapons, armor, and other equipment, enriches the gameplay experience. Unearthing blueprints in hidden safes and chests encourages exploration and bolsters the desire to discover unique items.

Despite the game’s limited content and lack of immersive interiors, Sunkenland holds promise. Future updates with increased world variation, improved exploration rewards, and additional content will boost the gameplay experience.

Replay Value

Sunkenland’s replay value largely depends on the player’s preference for base-building and defense. Those who enjoy constructing and strengthening their settlements will find significant enjoyment, potentially investing around 20-30 hours in the current content. Multiplayer engagement, particularly with PvP interactions, enhances replayability and presents opportunities for dynamic faction control and territorial battles.

Looking ahead, the game’s potential to expand into a more diverse and engaging open-world survival experience is evident. Implementing server and multiplayer improvements, incorporating more varied factions, enemies, weaponry, and random events would further elevate the replayability and longevity of Sunkenland.


Sunkenland presents an engaging survival adventure set in a water-filled world and draws inspiration from the cult film Waterworld. While the game is currently in early access and some aspects require refinement, it showcases a solid foundation with addictive gameplay and promising mechanics. Building upon this foundation, the developers can enhance the game by adding more personality to item designs, improving character models and animations, expanding the lore and quest content, optimizing performance, and introducing a greater variety of exploration rewards.

With its unique concept and potential for growth, Sunkenland has the ingredients to captivate players seeking an immersive open-world survival experience. As the game continues to evolve, it holds the promise of becoming a remarkable deep-sea adventure.

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