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The Fabulous Fear Machine Review

The Fabulous Fear Machine, developed by Fictiorama Studios and published by AMC Games, is a captivating strategy game that puts players in the shoes of a villain, spreading fear, chaos, and conspiracy. Inspired by 1950s horror comics, this unique game combines turn-based strategy, resource management, and immersive storytelling. As players navigate through a web of deceit, manipulation, and eerie urban legends, The Fabulous Fear Machine delivers an engaging and captivating gameplay experience.


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Right from the start, The Fabulous Fear Machine immerses players in a dark and unsettling atmosphere. The game’s visual design, reminiscent of classic horror comics, exudes charm and sets the stage for the unfolding eerie tale. The use of muted colors and clever shadows creates an air of mystery and unease. The character designs are striking, capturing the essence of pulp horror with exaggerated features and haunting expressions.

Gameplay Mechanics

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The Fabulous Fear Machine is a complex game that challenges players to master interconnected mechanics. At its core, it is a strategy game where players strategically spread fears and manipulate events to achieve their sinister goals. The gameplay revolves around Legend cards, which represent fears that instill terror and chaos in specific regions. With limited spaces on each card, players must carefully select their targets for maximum impact.

One notable feature is the varied range of fears available to the player. Each fear category, such as conspiracy theories or supernatural entities, offers unique advantages and requires different strategies. Spreading paranoia through the “Terror of Conspiracy” hampers rival fear-mongers, while the “Terror of the Occult” can summon otherworldly creatures to wreak havoc.

To execute their plans, players deploy agents, uncover fears, acquire items, and disrupt rivals. Each agent has strengths and weaknesses, adding depth and strategy. Equipped with abilities and backgrounds, agents bring personality and depth to the narrative.

However, the game’s complexity may overwhelm new players. The steep learning curve and incomplete tutorial make it challenging to grasp the mechanics. Patience is required to fully understand and strategize effectively.

Narrative and Writing

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The Fabulous Fear Machine excels in narrative and writing, capturing the essence of pulp horror perfectly. The game presents morally ambiguous characters driven by personal motives to embrace their inner villain. The dark humor and satirical undertones immerse players in a world of wickedness and malevolence.

Using urban legends and conspiracy theories adds depth and relevance to the storytelling. However, some themes may be uncomfortable, such as releasing a virus and selling a vaccine that mirrors real-world events. The intention might be sharp social commentary, but it may disconcert some players.

The narrative unfolds based on player actions and choices, creating a non-linear experience. Each decision and fear spread has consequences, shaping the story and interactions with rivals. Multiple endings provide replayability.

Issues and Drawbacks

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While The Fabulous Fear Machine offers a unique and captivating experience, it does have a few drawbacks. Its unforgiving nature, with time limits and finite fear resources, creates a constant sense of urgency. This can lead to rushed decision-making and frustration. A more forgiving approach that allows experimentation and planning could enhance the overall experience.

Repetitive gameplay is another drawback. Despite introducing new features and challenges in each mission, the management of resources and limited fear options can create monotony.


The Fabulous Fear Machine is a captivating strategy game that seamlessly blends turn-based mechanics, resource management, and immersive storytelling. Its striking visuals, intricate mechanics, and engaging narrative make it a must-play for enthusiasts. Though it has its drawbacks, such as its unforgiving nature and potential repetition, it offers a unique and challenging experience for those seeking a taste of darkness and villainy. Unleash your inner malevolence and embark on a twisted journey through The Fabulous Fear Machine, where fear reigns supreme.

My score: 8/10