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The Universim: A God Game that Grows on You

The Universim has been a game I’ve had my eye on for a while. It recently came out of Early Access, and it’s been quite the journey. I’m here to share my thoughts on this game, and let me tell you, it’s been an adventure.

Becoming a God

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I always wondered what it would be like to play God, to have little beings under my wing, relying on my every move. It seemed like an immense responsibility, but also an incredible opportunity to create and nurture life. The Universim gave me that chance, and oh, it was a captivating experience.

In the Beginning, There Were Nuggets

You start with almost nothing – just a pair of Nuggets, these adorable little creatures that need your guidance to survive. At first, I felt the pressure; I wanted to make sure they had everything they needed. Do I let them fend for themselves? Do I intervene? It’s up to you. I decided to be a gentle, nurturing god, guiding my Nuggets ever so carefully.

They fall in love, have families, build their own houses, and work in jobs that I assign. It’s fascinating watching them live their lives, each one with their unique personality and needs. They grow old, they get sick, and yes, they die, which adds a real touch of life’s fragility to the game. It’s like watching a mini civilization right before your eyes.

Building, Growing, Evolving

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Gameplay-wise, you’re in charge of making sure your Nuggets can thrive. You do this by placing important buildings, influencing their choices, and deciding what they learn. I found the building aspects fairly straightforward – nothing too complex, but satisfying all the same. The progression through different eras, from primitive to advanced, kept me hooked as I watched my civilization evolve.

What really gets interesting though is when you start using your god powers. You can be kind – give them water, help them build, save them from harm. Or you can be a little naughty – throw in a natural disaster here and there, just for fun. I tried to balance being kind with some occasional lightning storms to keep things exciting.

A Whole New World Every Time

Each planet is unique every time you start a new game. I’m talking different environments, different challenges. You’ll never play the same game twice. Sometimes you’re dealing with freezing cold environments, other times you’ve got volcanoes on the horizon. The unpredictability adds so much replay value it’s unreal.

Life as a Nugget Creator

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While the Nuggets do their thing, you’re not just sitting back and watching. You’re actively involved, healing them, helping them make decisions, and handling quests. You’ve got to stay on your toes. Plus, the narrator adds this layer of humor that keeps the game light and entertaining. It’s like having a cheeky sidekick commentating on your every move.

Then there’s the challenge of other civilizations. Picture this: you’ve built up your Nugget empire, all is well, and then another group of Nuggets with their god starts getting aggressive. Yep, it’s not all peace and waterfalls in The Universim. You’ve got to defend your people, maybe even attack back if it comes to it.

Into the Stars and Beyond

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What’s super cool is that eventually, you can reach for the stars. Space exploration adds a whole new dimension to the game and personally, I can’t wait to dive deeper into that aspect.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The Universim isn’t perfect. Sometimes, my Nuggets would do things that made no sense, and the balance in the game can feel off at times. Also, the controls took some getting used to – it wasn’t always intuitive. But the devs have been working hard, and with the full release, I’m hoping they’ve smoothed out those edges.

If you’re someone who loves fast-paced games, The Universim might not be your cup of tea. This is a slow burn, where enjoyment is found in the ebb and flow of your civilization’s growth. It’s about those small moments – a Nugget couple getting together, the first time you fend off an attack, the first building you upgrade to the max.


After all is said and done, The Universim has charmed its way into my gaming heart. It mixes nostalgia for classics like Black & White with its fresh take on the god game genre. Yes, it has its quirks, and yes, it’s a slow-paced journey, but if you’re looking into a chill game where you can create life, watch it grow, and sometimes smite it with a well-placed meteor — this is the game for you.

So, will I keep playing The Universim? Absolutely. I’m looking forward to seeing what new updates bring and if they can elevate this already engaging god game experience. If you’ve got a little bit of a creator in you, or just a penchant for looking down upon a world of your making, take a leap with The Universim – you might just enjoy playing god.

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