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Trombone Champ Secret Ending Guide

Navigating through Trombone Champ’s challenges is your ticket to the enigmatic true ending. While some tasks might feel overwhelming, there’s a silver lining – you can revisit any skipped objectives without penalty.

Steps to Reach the True Ending

  1. Achieving S-Rank on Four Songs:
    • It sounds more intimidating than it is. You don’t need an S-rank on every song, just four.
    • Recommended picks include: “Warm Up,” “Ball Game,” “Zarathustra,” and “Trombone Skyze.”
    • Consistency is key. Maintaining a solid combo throughout can boost your score significantly, helping you earn Toots for the next phases.
  2. Unlocking the Blue Key:
    • After securing four S-ranks, a hatch to a mysterious entity known as Baboon.HOLY WOW will unlock.
    • In the game’s main menu, select the Baboon option to find a dimly lit chamber with an odd trapdoor at the bottom left. Activate the four “S” tiles corresponding to your S-ranks to open it. A heads-up: this might give you a minor jump!
    • Inside, you’ll be introduced to the Baboon. Here, you can spend your hard-earned Toots, the game’s currency. To procure the blue key, contribute 10,000 Toots to the Tootvessel.
  3. Acquiring the Red Key:
    • It mirrors the blue key acquisition. However, your interaction will be with another Baboon, unlocked by obtaining the Bass Clef card.
    • Use Toots in the ‘Collect’ menu to unlock cards. You’ll likely encounter duplicates, which come in handy later.
    • After snagging the Bass Clef card, tap on it to access another dim room. Proceed as before, but this time, feed the Turdvessel with Turds, which you’ll get from scrapping duplicate cards. Accumulate 3,000 Turds to receive the red key.
  4. Collecting Every Card:
    • Time to grind! Your aim is to accumulate all 50 cards, each portraying iconic classical musicians.
    • Once you’ve got them all, barter with a peculiar demon. To meet him, tap on the candle icon situated bottom-right. He’ll ask for one of each card in exchange for a trombone color. Be vigilant and retain 10 copies of the Hot Dog card (#37) for the grand finale and a copy of Trazom (#46) to initiate the boss battle. Completing this card exchange will unlock the last trombone shade crucial for the epic conclusion.
  5. Facing Off Against the Final Boss:
    • With all 50 cards traded, visit ‘Settings’ from the main menu. Here, adjust your Baboon Quantity to ‘Inferno’ and set Baboon Preference as ‘Hamadryas’. Then, initiate the Trazom card from your set, tap rapidly, leading you to a section demanding both keys you’ve amassed.
    • Before you enter the battlefield, customize your avatar to ‘Servant of Babi’ and pick the trombone shade as ‘Champ’.
    • The concluding musical track, “Eine Kleine (Champ Mix),” is notably challenging. Nonetheless, do not worry about your score. Just ensure you have those 10 Hot Dog cards ready. If you’re short, backtrack and secure them before the ultimate showdown.

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