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I’ve always loved a good dust-up in video games, especially when it’s me against a pal, or even the computer, testing our reflexes in a fighting game showdown. Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes just dropped, and it’s juicy with updates and new goodies that make it a big deal in the fighting game community.

Into The Night Once More

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The story here is kind of there and kind of not. It’s all about fighters with special powers battling it out when this thing called the Hollow Night happens. If you dig deep lore and stories, you might find this one a bit light, but for me, the real story is in the fists and kicks of the bouts.

A Looker That Moves Smooth

This game is a treat for the eyes. Imagine watching a top-notch cartoon but you’re also the one telling the characters what to do. Everything from the jumps, punches, and special moves is super detailed and fluid. Picture-perfect, really.

Okay, I have to mention the music though. Not all the tunes hit the mark for me. Some character themes were reworked and didn’t feel as punchy as before. Not a deal-breaker, but when you’re in the thick of a fight, you want that music to pump you up.

More Than Jab and Kick

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On to the fighting! Under Night In-Birth 2 is all about giving beginners and pros alike something to chew on. The game plays it sweet and simple: light, medium, and heavy hits, sprinkled with some fancy moves you can pull off after a little practice.

They’ve tossed in this crafty “Creeping Edge” move too, where you can dodge attacks with good timing. Neat trick once you get a hang of it.

Tug-Of-War With a Twist

Things get spicy with the whole GRD (short for something I can’t remember) system. It’s like a mini-game happening during your match where you earn points for playing well. If you’re the top dog when time’s up, you hit a super-charged mode (they call it Vorpal). Nail it with heaps of those GRD points, and you go into this mega-power mode called Celestial. And let me tell ya, that’s the sweet spot for turning a tight scrap around.

Fresh Faces and New Tricks

The game shouts a big welcome to new fighters: Kuon, Tsurugi, and Kaguya, each bringing their own flair. Then there are the fighters we’ve known who’ve learned a couple of new moves, making ’em feel fresh even if they’ve been around the block.

Learn and Perfect

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For those who get a kick out of getting better, there’s plenty to keep you busy. The training is top-notch, and there’s this fab feature where you can replay matches, even take control to see where you goofed up—and fix it! That’s like practice gold right there.

The net battles (that’s fighting folks over the internet) felt smooth as silk too. No hitches or lag that I noticed, which is a huge leap from before.

One downer is the online lobby setup. It’s pretty basic—no frills—and after seeing some flash lobbies in other games, it feels like a missed chance to hang out and feel part of the fighting club.

Gripes and Glories

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Here’s the raw end of it: Under Night In-Birth 2 throws a heap of good into the ring. Sweet new characters, a real workout for your brain and thumbs, and solid ways to play both with pals and solo. I wish there was a bit more pizzazz in the music and storytelling, and an online space that felt more like a real meetup spot.

I’ve been grinding away at the previous Under Night game a fair bit, trying to catch up and understand what all the fuss was about. Coming into Under Night In-Birth 2, it’s all about getting that ballet of blocks and blows just right, and when you do, it’s magic. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, and this game threw me into the deep end with its really deep tutorial showing off every nook and cranny of its fighting style.

Fresh faces or seasoned brawlers, this game asks you to play smart and hard. When those special moments of victory hit after a well-played move—it’s a real rush! This isn’t a game where you can just smack buttons and hope to win. Every move counts, and winning that GRD war can make you feel downright invincible.

True, patience and perseverance are key. If you want a game that gives back as much as you put in, Under Night In-Birth 2 won’t disappoint. Sure, just throwing punches and kicks will take you somewhere, but to really shine, you’ve got to commit. Is it worth it? Every second.

This beauty of a game plays like a dream in your hands—whether you’re lounging with a handheld or going big on the TV. Tapping into the varied cast, each character’s filled up with skill and personality that pop off the screen. The new faces bring their A-game, and the tweaks and polishes to the cast and fighting make the combat more delicious.

Though we’re missing one story mode from the last game (Chronicle), there’s still enough juice to squeeze out of the arcade and other modes to keep you throwing down for a good while.

Bottom line? Under Night In-Birth 2 Sys:Celes is a pretty wicked game. It punches high where it matters—with its fights. It may not have the extra candy like some of the big-shot games, but what it’s got? It’s got it good. It’s a 2D fighter that can stand tall next to any of those other giants and say, “Come on, let’s dance.”


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So, Under Night In-Birth 2 lands a critical hit where it counts. The scraps are intense, the fighters diverse and stylish, and learning to master it? It’s a rewarding journey. We’ve got a game that respects its roots and adds just enough to bring it to a new level – without overcomplicating what already works. If the missing Chronicles mode disappoints, don’t let it; this game’s got heart and fight to spare.

For anyone fond of a good tussle or a long-time lover of the punch-up pageant, this title deserves your attention and is ready to roll on the Switch in all its sharp and flurry-filled glory.