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We Were Here Forever Crossplay Explained (PC, Xbox, PS)

Great news for crossplay gamers! Both “We Were Here Forever” and “We Were Here Expeditions: Friendship” support crossplay, enabling players on different platforms to join forces and embark on thrilling adventures together. Unfortunately, the older titles, “We Were Here Too” and “We Were Here Together,” do not offer crossplay functionality on PC or on consoles.

How does the crossplay work in We Were Here Forever?

You can play between PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), Xbox and Playstation consoles. Each console and PC works with each other. So you can play on Epic Games and your second player on Steam or Xbox One or Playstation 5.

Now you can dive into the cooperative mysteries of the latest games, forging connections with friends across various platforms. Whether you’re exploring the chilling landscapes of “We Were Here Forever” or diving into the heartwarming experience of “We Were Here Expeditions: Friendship,” crossplay ensures that no platform barrier stands in the way of your cooperative gaming journey. Enjoy the camaraderie, solve puzzles, and conquer challenges with friends, no matter where they play!

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