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We Were Here Forever: Co-Op Puzzle Adventure

I must confess, puzzle games have a special place in my heart. They do something magical – they make you scratch your head in confusion before gifting you the eureka moment that brings sheer joy. I’ve played a countless number of them, but my experience with We Were Here Forever has been a unique roller coaster ride of emotions, and it took co-op gaming to an entirely new level for me.

Designed exclusively for two players, it sets the stage for an adventure that’s all about synergy and communication between buddies. My friend and I dived in, ready to put our minds together and determined to conquer whatever lay ahead. It’s also Steam Deck Verified.

We Were Here Forever – how to play it with a friend?

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In We Were Here Forever there’s no friend’s pass, both players need a seperate game copy to play the game.

But it supports crossplay, so you can play on either PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, or Xbox One. Basically you can play on PS5 and your friend on Xbox Series X or any other combination of crossplay.

And there’s no split screen or couch coop – it would definitely ruin the core gameplay experience, so that makes total sense.

Lesson in Communication

Playing We Were Here Forever remotely (my friend was on his PC while I was on my PlayStation 5), we realized that working out the game’s puzzles required us to describe exactly what we were seeing to each other. It’s an escape room style setup where you’re often in different rooms, so talking is the only way you can help one another. Sometimes, I had a control panel full of buttons and levers, and my buddy had a bunch of symbols or instructions. If we didn’t explain things properly, we’d be stuck for hours.

Quick tip: Remember, the game demands honesty, so fighting the urge to mislead your partner when frustrated can be a real test of friendship!

A Rich and Diverse Puzzle Experience

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The campaign is extensive, filled to the brim with varied puzzles that drop you and your friend into increasingly complex scenarios. One minute, we were deciphering a wall full of cryptic symbols, and the next, we were running madly through corridors trying to beat the clock. The blend of quiet, methodical problem-solving and frantic dash-to-the-finish tasks created a wonderfully balanced adventure. Despite the intensity it packed, it never felt too overwhelming – until it did.

The Tough Bits

Admittedly, there were times when We Were Here Forever drove us to the brink. There were puzzles so cryptic they felt more like wild guesses rather than logical challenges, with a dose of trial-and-error until everything clicked. Even then, the satisfaction of solving them could be dampened by a lurking sense of exhaustion.

Strict time-limited puzzles occasionally put us under pressure. Sometimes, in a fluster, we resorted to sharing screenshots – not the game’s intended way, but a tactic we used to save precious minutes. And then there were the mazes, which tested our patience as much as our intellect.

The Lengthy Labyrinth of the Mind

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Finishing the game felt like a real achievement. The world the developers crafted was intricate and unforgiving – an elaborate trap set by a mysterious captor. By the end of our roughly 12-hour journey, we realized we had trudged through a gauntlet that was as mentally taxing as it was rewarding. The memory of navigating through those puzzles stayed with us, a testament to the experience.

A Few Flaws

However, We Were Here Forever isn’t without its flaws. Certain puzzles seemed unfairly complex, expecting us to guess our way through without solid clues. As for the time limits – they could be mercilessly tight, leading to bursts of frustration.

The maze-like areas were especially grueling. The thrill of working out a particularly clever puzzle didn’t quite translate to the tedious and slow-moving maze challenges.


As much as the puzzles are the heart and soul of this game, it does try to spin a narrative yarn about a king, a deal with the devil, and a fight for the throne. To be honest, the story felt like it took a backseat, lost amidst the cerebral entanglement of the puzzles. Though it did provide a purpose to the challenges, the plot didn’t captivate much. It was, unfortunately, underdeveloped and forgettable.

Bonding Experience

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Nevertheless, what stood out the most was how We Were Here Forever creatively nurtured collaboration. Working together in the same virtual space or blind communication across rooms brought about a fresh twist to the puzzle game formula. Even when the game felt like it was turning into a marathon rather than a sprint, the time spent bonding and overcoming hardships with a friend gave it a personal touch that few other games offer.

Puzzles Repetition

Yet, the game’s brilliance was occasionally overshadowed by redundancy. Certain puzzles repeated with slight tweaks, sucking the fun out of the experience. The sense of déjà vu was palpable as we seemingly cycled through similar challenges with a slight twist – not exactly the freshness we were hoping for in a sequel.

The Need for Innovation

We Were Here Forever could benefit from a dash of something new. By the fourth installment, some innovation would be appreciated. Even something as simple as a tool crafted from puzzle rewards could spice up the gameplay. A physical, in-game progression would feel more rewarding than uncovering bits and pieces of a lackluster story.


Ultimately, We Were Here Forever is a mixed bag. Its puzzles could be immensely fun, though marred at times by repetition and certain design choices. The story elements present feel like an afterthought, making the journey occasionally monotonous. It’s a game best enjoyed in short sessions and with a patient friend who’s ready to venture into a complex puzzle world. Despite my criticisms, the shared experience of trial, error, joy, and frustration makes this a memorable co-op affair.

In conclusion, if you’re up for a mental workout and an excuse to bond with a friend, We Were Here Forever holds moments of true brilliance. Its flaws aside, its compelling cooperative challenges will undoubtedly give you and your partner something to talk (or yell) about long after the credits roll.

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