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8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth VS Gulikit Kingkong Pro 2

There’s a saying among gamers, “Your controller can make or break your game.” Considering the weight of this saying, I decided to go on a quest and ended up trying two of the most talked-about controllers with Hall Effect Sensors in the market: 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth and Gulikit Kingkong Pro 2 (KK2 Pro). This article will serve as an honest review of my personal experience with both controllers, and hopefully, it’ll provide some helpful insight for other gaming enthusiasts out there.

The Contenders

  1. 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth
  2. Gulikit Kingkong Pro 2 (KK2 Pro)

Now, let’s see how these game controllers fare on different fronts IMO:

Ergonomics and Design

8BitDo Ultimate BluetoothGulikit Kingkong Pro 2
ErgonomicsNot ideal for large hands due to its straight handle design.Superior ergonomics, closely resembling the design of Xbox controllers. Great for long play sessions.
DesignSlightly more aesthetic, but that’s subjective.An impressive quality build, especially the latest white version. Buttons, triggers, and vibrations are all top-notch.
JoystickStandard designFlat design, might require additional thumb grip for enhanced comfort.

Connectivity and Features

8BitDo Ultimate BluetoothGulikit Kingkong Pro 2
ConnectivityExcellent connectivity with PC and Switch, thanks to the included dongle.Able to switch modes on-the-go. Quick disconnection from PC and instant connection to Switch or Android. Some input latency on PC, but can be resolved with reWASD emulation.
Additional FeaturesComes with a superb charging dock. An excellent app guides you through the controller’s features.Features are cataloged instead of being in an app. Able to switch to no dead zone for FPS games, update firmware easily, and switch button layout and triggers.

Performance and Durability

8BitDo Ultimate BluetoothGulikit Kingkong Pro 2
PerformanceDecent performance but ergonomics could impact long gaming sessions.Excellent performance, tactile buttons, good vibrations, and an ideal choice for long gaming sessions.
DurabilityGood build quality with textured grip.Superb build quality, no issues with buttons, vibrations, or triggers.

What’s Missing

8BitDo Ultimate BluetoothGulikit Kingkong Pro 2
Desired FeaturesImprovement in ergonomics for larger hands.Addition of back paddles and 2.4 hz dongles for reducing latency.

So, which controller is better?

While both controllers have their strengths and weaknesses, my personal favorite turned out to be the Gulikit Kingkong Pro 2. Its ergonomic design, excellent build quality, and versatile features, coupled with the ability to switch modes on-the-go, made it my go-to controller, replacing all others.

However, the 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth, with its great connectivity, solid build quality, and helpful app, could also appeal to many gamers.

Remember, what works best for you may depend on your personal preferences, gaming style, and even hand size! I hope this review helps you make an informed decision.

This is a customer review, and opinions may vary. Also, my apologies for any grammatical errors as English is not my first language. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments!

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