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Tiny Rogues – Quick Guide and Tips

Welcome, adventurers! Embarking into the whimsical yet treacherous world of “Tiny Rogues” can be as daunting as it is exciting. This action-packed roguelike beckons with its challenging gameplay and seemingly endless variety of builds, equipment, and enemies. But fear not, for this guide is your beacon through the darkness, filled with strategies quintessential for your survival and success. Let’s dive into the labyrinth of this pixelated world and emerge as the mightiest of rogues.

Starting out-tips for Tiny Rogues

  • Starting Gift: Equip Soul Scarf for a super powerful advantage.
    • How to Use Soul Scarf: Convert flasks at bonfires to soul hearts, abuse the mechanic for success. This the game breaker. In the mastery tree you can also make Nurse cost only 5 gold instead of 10 gold for refilling flasks in Tavern and also make appear the Tavern on every 3, 6 and 9th level. So when you come to the Tavern with 50 gold you can refill flasks using the Souls Scarf 10 times which will give you 20 blue hearts. With that many health you can easily complete the game most of the time, even on Cinder 12 and higher.
  • Mastery Tree:
    • The most useful nodes IMO:
      • First Aid: Mandatory for exploiting Soul Scarf.
      • Health Insurance: Reduces nurse cost, providing more flasks for soul hearts.
      • Lazy Stroll: Lowers HP and armor of early floor enemies.
      • Thief in the shadows: Grants you a higher chance for high uality gear after defeating a boss without taking any damage.
      • Precognition: Ensures encountering the enchantress, aiding in damage.
      • Loyalty: Allows Blacksmith to upgrade weapons to level 4 for enhanced damage.
      • Butterfly Effect: new trait selection is influenced by what traits you already have, great for synergies without having spare dices.
      • -1 alignment requirement: great for later game, helps with going where you want and unlocking achievements.
      • Double Mimic: you get 4 drops in a single room.
  • Early Floors:
    • Ignore stat food early on.
    • Focus on keys, bombs, and gold.
    • Find a dice room to reroll random traits.
    • Seek a better weapon early for increased damage.
    • Use spare bombs for boss fights.
  • Random Tips:
    • Avoid using souls to upgrade health at bonfires; prioritize Soul Scarf for soul hearts.
    • Always enter arcades for valuable items.
    • Don’t prioritize stat food; focus on keys, bombs, and specific rooms.
    • Don’t hyperfocus on a specific build; prioritize generic damage multipliers.
    • Kill drones in boss arenas for a smoother fight.
    • Bleed and Lightning are potent; be cautious of the Black Hole enchantment.
    • Utilize bombs for additional damage when needed.

How to beat Mega Death?

Mega Death boss battle

Look for a blue portal (or a glowing crack in the wall) at the top of the arena on the third, sixth, and ninth boss floors.

Toss a bomb to activate it, step inside, and face a quie easy boss. Repeat this sequence three times in order to unleash Mega Death during that run instead of normal Death boss on the 10th floor.

What does Tipsiness do?

It gives you a damage boost of 10% per stack and lasts for 10 rooms per stack. You can acquire stacks of tipsiness by spending gold at a bartender in the game. The number of stacks you can have is limited by your maximum red hearts.

So, if you have 3 red hearts, you can have up to 3 stacks of tipsiness. Each stack wears off every 10 rooms, and the duration is determined by the number of stacks you have.

Best Classes in Tiny Rogues

Tiny Rogues all classes

When stepping into “Tiny Rogues,” choosing your class is the first critical decision. While each class boasts unique strengths and abilities, for newcomers and those aiming for consistent progress, Sorcerer stands out as a easiest choice for beginners. With its powerful spells, and mana regeneration, you’ll weave through the game’s challenges with magical abilities.

But the choice is yours – will you become a nimble Archer, a sturdy Warrior, or an enigmatic Sorcerer? Experiment with each, and find which style suits your gameplay. Ultimately you can beat the game with each and you should in order to get the achievements.

Best Perks in Tiny Rogues

Tiny Rogues home screen

Leveling up means choosing perks that will bolster your character’s innate strengths. For Sorcerers and other mage-likes:

  • Soul Thief is a supreme perk, providing life-steal capabilities.
  • Arcane Potency scales your damage output with your soul heart stockpile.
  • Quick Cast and Keen Mind are invaluable for reducing cooldowns and increasing spell damage, respectively.

Non-casters shouldn’t feel left out, with perks like Momentum, Rage, and Wisdom providing ample means to enhance physical prowess or increase intelligence for more spell damage and mana.

Weapon Rooms and Treasure: Prioritize Your Loot

SSS+ Tier Gear and Traits

  • Soul Thief: Your lifeline in the heat of battle.
  • Arcane Potency: A formidable force multiplier for your magic.

Weapon Choices for Dominance

  • Rocket Launcher: Clear rooms with a bang.
  • Rainbow Staff: A versatile staff catering to varied combat needs.

Treasure should be your focus after securing vital perks. Early on, hunt for weapons and dragon chests to ensure you’re well-armed against the growing threats.

Cursed Shrines

At first glance, cursed shrines may seem foreboding with their trade-off of damage for power-ups. However, when wielding arcane potency, you can convert these curses into pure advantage, racking up damage output without losing precious soul hearts.

Shop and Blacksmith

Never underestimate the power of the shop and blacksmith. They offer timely repairs, nifty upgrades, and can be the difference between an untimely demise and victory. Keep an eye on your coin purse and spend wisely on these essentials.

Staying Alive Before Mega Death

Your strategy in each room should be simple: avoid damage. This is paramount for keeping your soul hearts safe since they augment your damage. With care, you can face the game’s ultimate adversary, Mega Death, with a full arsenal and health to spare.

Gear and Stat Foods

Early in the game, stat foods are less impactful; focus instead on gathering keys and other resources. Once you’ve secured longevity through perks and items, these foods can help finely tune your build for the challenges ahead.

Soul Scarf

For those who choose the Sorcerer class, the Soul Scarf is a game-changer. By equipping it at bonfires, you can convert flasks into soul hearts, effectively making each set of souls a powerful addition to your arsenal. The mastery of this item alone can turn the tides to your favor.

Mastery Tree

Don’t sleep on your mastery tree; pick nodes that bode well with your gameplay style and character choice. Notable entries include:

  • First Aid: The cornerstone of the Soul Scarf strategy mentioned above.
  • Lazy Stroll: Reduces enemy robustness in early floors, making your initial journey more forgiving.
  • Loyalty: Weapon upgrades to level 4, maximizing your potential for efficient destruction.

Secret Rooms in Tiny Rogues

The saying “well begun is half done” holds in “Tiny Rogues.” Early floors are about resource accumulation, searching for better weapons, and finding secret rooms. Keep an eye out for tell-tale X’s on the decor tiles; they mark the spot for potential secret rooms. Don’t just passively explore—actively search every nook for these hidden bonuses.

In conclusion, your journey through “Tiny Rogues” will be fraught with danger, excitement, and growth. Approach each run as a learning experience. Experiment with different classes, explore each corner for hidden treasures, and adapt your tactics to the enemies at hand. Every death is a step closer to ultimate mastery.

Your goal isn’t just to survive—it’s to thrive, to conquer, to become the stuff of legends whispered in the hallowed halls of roguelike history. So take heart, brave explorer, and let the pixels guide you to glory in “Tiny Rogues.”

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