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A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars DLC Review

Seeing Stars, the DLC for the calming puzzle game A Little to the Left, is here, and it brings with it a mixed bag of delightful cats, mind-bending challenges, and a few head-scratching moments.

This DLC offers 38 new puzzles, some familiar and some introducing a neat twist: multiple solutions! You can organize drawers in classic A Little to the Left fashion, or maybe try a whole new approach using the interactive items at your disposal. This adds a layer of replayability and lets you experiment with different ways to tackle a problem.

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Speaking of interactive items, that’s another new feature. You can now fold, flap, crush, or even strum objects to complete puzzles. It’s a clever addition, but sometimes it can be frustrating. There were instances where I got stuck because an object seemed like the solution, but it turned out I needed to interact with it in a specific way (like shrinking it) to make it work. This can be a bit maddening, especially when the solution itself feels illogical.

But hey, at least you’re not alone in this organizational journey! The adorable cat from the base game makes a return, and this time, it brings friends! Now you can be entertained by a whole bunch of fluffy companions as you puzzle your way through. Plus, the developers listened to our feedback and updated the hint system. Now, levels with multiple solutions actually show hints for all the solutions, which is a big improvement.

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Overall, Seeing Stars is a very solid DLC for fans of A Little to the Left. It offers more of the calming, zen experience you know and love, with some challenging puzzles and a sprinkle of frustration. The multiple solutions and interactive items are welcome additions, and the updated hint system makes things a bit smoother. Just don’t expect any space-themed puzzles (I was kind of hoping for one!), and be prepared for a few moments of head-scratching over some of the solutions.


  • More puzzles with multiple solutions
  • Interactive items add a new layer of gameplay
  • Updated hint system is a big improvement
  • More adorable cats!
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  • Some interactive items can be confusing
  • A few solutions feel illogical
  • No space puzzles (a personal disappointment)

A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars DLC: If you enjoyed A Little to the Left, Seeing Stars is worth checking out. It provides more of the same calming gameplay with some interesting twists. Just be prepared for a bit of a challenge (and maybe some feline distractions). Tom Henry

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