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September 05, 2023, marked the exciting moment that ABRISS – build to destroy, an intriguing physics destruction puzzle game developed by Randwerk Games and published by astragon Entertainment made its exit from the Early Access phase. Compute game enthusiasts who previously owned this pre-access version will be pleasantly surprised with an automatic upgrade to the full PC version courtesy of the diligent developers.

Originally priced at a discounted value of €14.99/$16.99/£13.99 (SRP), the offer runs up till September 21, 2023. Beyond this date, ABRISS – build to destroy will retail at its standard rate of €19.99/$19.99/£16.99 (SRP). It gives gamers an opportunity to grab this masterpiece at a markdown price for a limited period.

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About Randwerk Games & ABRISS – build to destroy

Launched into the gaming world in 2021 by Friedrich Beyer, Till Freitag, and Johannes Knop, Randwerk Games first solo project is ABRISS. This physics destruction puzzle game fuses a stylishly surreal-future world where players erect intricate structures and cause significant damage to defined targets.

As each level crumbles away under controlled chaos, players unlock new tools paving the way through digitally brutalist cityscapes aptly termed Mainboard Brutalism. The development team drew inspiration from surrealist works of acclaimed artists Hans Rudolf Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński as well as trailblazing German electronic music pioneers and Brutalist architecture proponents.

Such dedication indeed pays off; ABRISS scooped the prestigious “Best Graphic Design” award at the German Computer Game Award 2023.

My review of ABRISS

Simple. Elegant. And incredibly satisfying. That’s how ABRISS sets itself apart from the myriad of mindless games populating the digital landscape today. ABRISS is an atmospheric physics-destruction building game that turns chaos into a delicate art form.

Creative Building and Destruction Galore

In ABRISS, your sole purpose is to build structures and then witness them collapse under the incredible power of physics. The game offers a unique assortment of parts with different weights, forms and functions – giving you total freedom to create any structure you like.

From crafting rockets using Thrusters, Connectors and Bombs, to making giant hammers with Pillars, Connectors and Ultra Heavy Cubes, the combinations are only limited by your imagination.

Once you’ve constructed your masterpiece, the real fun begins as you unleash it upon unsuspecting targets. Each successful hit takes you one step closer to winning a level in campaign mode.

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The Dynamics of Destruction

ABRISS operates under a complex destruction system where creating mayhem is more than just fun – it’s a science! Witness thousands of tiny splinter particles break free as huge chunks come crashing down into the abyss.

The game features seven vivid worlds full of strategic puzzles ready for conquest. Along this journey, new pieces are unlocked for players to refine their strategies and complete levels in fewer moves.

Always wanted maximum carnage? Try out the Endless Mode bent on achieving high scores through maximum destruction.

Adding Imagination in Sandbox Mode

ABRISS also features a sandbox mode where free experimentation reigns supreme. Build your creature creations and share with others through the interactive Steam Workshop community.

Capture those jaw-dropping moments of destruction in photo mode laden with filters that can dramatically alter the atmosphere!

Balancing between absolutely realistic physics laws and uniquely creative puzzle structures, ABRISS turns virtual destruction into a relaxing pastime activity. With amazing graphics showcasing brutalist cityscapes witnessing entropy at its peak, this mesmerizing title is truly meant for technical freaks and creative minds alike.

As ABRISS makes it clear: Sometimes creativity stems from chaos! I recommend the game, it’s worth it especially now with 1.0 full release.

Key Features of the ABRISS game

  • A complicated destruction system compatible with spectacular audiovisual destructive patterns
  • 7 worlds with several levels per world in a campaign mode
  • Sandbox mode
  • New “Endless Mode” for avid gamers who thrive on maximum demolition levels in pursuit of ultimate high scores
  • Photo Mode providing multiple filters for gamers interested in capturing massive explosions and spectacular cityscapes

This ingenious platform blends puzzle-solving with structured chaos and bestows it all within one’s control making it irresistibly appealing for all types of gamers—it’s time you unchain your resourcefulness with ABRISS – build to destroy! Don’t just play games—make them your playground!

ABRISS is now available to purchase on Steam for PC.

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