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Bringing your D&D campaign to life has never been easier, thanks to Dungeon Alchemist. An AI-powered mapmaking software developed by Briganti, it allows you to create intricate and detailed maps for your pen and paper campaigns. With its relatively easy-to-use interface and regular content updates, Dungeon Alchemist is the perfect tool not only for seasoned DMs but also for those just starting out.

Getting Started with Dungeon Alchemist

Jumping into Dungeon Alchemist can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but thankfully, Briganti has included a helpful tutorial that guides you through the basics of using the software. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the interface and tools, you’ll be creating visually stunning maps in no time.

The software offers several different terrains and features that allow you to create completely unique maps for your campaigns. With options like rivers, hills, buildings, and various room themes, your maps are limited only by your imagination.

Creating Your Perfect Fantasy Map

One of the most enjoyable aspects of using Dungeon Alchemist is the level of detail possible when designing your environments. The software’s extensive library of assets and prop selections lets you customize every aspect of your map, from windows and door frames to furniture and NPC characters.

Here’s how map creation in Dungeon Alchemist works:

  1. Choose Your Size: Pick if you want to print your map on paper or use it online.
  2. Pick a Theme: Decide on a look or style for your map.
  3. Draw: Start drawing, and the tool will automatically add things like doors and lights using its smart system. Sometimes, it might add funny things like a room full of cheese, but you can fix that.
  4. Make It Yours: You can add more rooms or change what the computer made to fit what you want.
  5. Save and Use: Once you like your map, you can print it or use it in online games like Foundry, Roll20, or FantasyGrounds.

The maps are generated using AI and procedural generation and you can ofcourse modify them as you wish.

Using Dungeon Alchemist is as simple as clicking on the elements you want to add to your map and then dragging them into place. The process is so engaging that I found myself getting lost in the planning of my own D&D campaign.

How to change map size in Dungeon Alchemist?

Want to adjust the size of your map after creating it? Here’s how:

For Print Maps: Once you’ve set your map for print, it’s fixed to those dimensions. You can’t expand beyond the chosen borders.

For Digital Maps: You have flexibility. Here are two methods:

  1. Using Chevron Symbols: At the map’s edges, you’ll find small chevron symbols like this: ‘>’. Click and drag these chevrons to either make your map larger or smaller.
  2. Expanding with Buildings: Just place a building near the map’s edge. The map will automatically adjust its size to fit the new building.

If resizing isn’t an option and you want to use parts of your existing map in a new one, look into importing building features from one file to another within the tool.

Integration with Popular Game Dev Tools

Dungeon Alchemist isn’t just great for traditional tabletop gaming; it also works seamlessly with popular online virtual tabletop programs like Roll20, Tabletop Simulator, and Fantasy Grounds. Plus, if you’ve created custom digital miniatures using Hero Forge – an online character design application offering customizable miniatures and statues – you can import those creations directly into Dungeon Alchemist for a fully personalized campaign experience.

Dungeon Alchemist Review

Dungeon Alchemist is a game-changing tool for all game developers who want a simple yet very advanced map builder. Its wealth of features and options, combined with its ease of use, makes it an essential addition to any DM’s repertoire. The high-quality maps it produces can help players better visualize and immerse themselves in the campaign world, enriching the overall gaming experience.

With a multitude of updates planned throughout 2023, including the Treasury Update, Everything is Lava Update, and Winter Wonderlands Update, Dungeon Alchemist promises to continually improve and expand its offerings for DMs. Available on Steam Early Access, now’s the perfect time to get into the world of Dungeon Alchemist and build some amazing maps!

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