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Arizona Sunshine 2 review: Is it better than the first one?

When I first booted up Arizona Sunshine 2 on my VR headset, I felt a rush of excitement. I was back in the dusty world I remembered, but everything looked sharper, more alive – even the zombies, if that’s possible. It all started with a bang, a helicopter crashing down from the skies, and next thing you know, I’m listening to a radio teasing me about a ‘patient zero’ – the one who started this whole mess. That seemed like a very promising start for an Arizona Sunshine sequel.

I found myself not alone this time, though. There was Buddy, the dog I stumbled upon and named on a whim. He looked at me with those loyal dog eyes, and it was like finding an oasis in a desert of flesh-eating nightmares. Together, we embarked on a six-hour campaign to chase down the origin of the zombie outbreak.

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A Dog Named Buddy

Buddy’s not just another NPC; he’s essential. I’m not usually a dog person, but Buddy grew on me, becoming more than just a sidekick. He could fetch ammo, attack zombies, and even solve some puzzles, making my solo journey through hordes of zombies feel like a team effort. Plus, sending him out and watching him zip back felt oddly thrilling every time.

More Than Just Bad Words

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The writing in Arizona Sunshine 2 isn’t all about swear words and one-liners. Sure, it’s got plenty of that, but it’s the heart behind the jokes that got me. The isolation, the madness creeping at the edges, the bond I shared with Buddy—they all added up to a story that made each headshot feel like I was protecting something real.

The voice acting is a standout, delivering lines with a depth that made me listen—even if it was just more dad jokes. It turned my protagonist into someone more than just a zombie shooter; he was a character struggling with loneliness and fighting for a friend.

Shooting, Swinging, Surviving

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Now, let’s talk about the action: it’s awesome. The gunplay feels just right. Each weapon I picked up, from pistols to raging flamethrowers, had a heft and sound that made pulling the trigger satisfying. And when the zombies’ heads explode or you see a limb flying off, it’s a gruesome cherry on top.

And melee? It’s a blast! Smashing a zombie’s head with a shovel shouldn’t be fun, but it is. Yeah, it’s not trying to be hyper-real—more like swinging a bat at a zombie piñata party. The levels offer lots of small spaces to explore, and though it sometimes felt like I was on rails, there were enough surprises to keep me on my toes. One second I was zombie Rambo, and the next, I was scrambling for my last round as a ghoulish mob closed in.

Co-op mode

Bringing in a friend to share the campaign was one of the best parts of the first game, and it’s just as fun the second time around. We hollered, strategized, and blasted through the zombie horde together, making every win doubly sweet. And the horde mode? Just pure adrenaline and laughs as we fought off wave after wave.

A Feast for the Eyes and Ears

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Holy smokes, Arizona Sunshine 2 looks good. Stepping into the open areas, I found myself just staring. The light captures the dusty, post-apocalyptic world in ways better than any VR zombie game I’ve seen. Killing zombies sometimes felt like the game was showing off, putting hordes of detailed monsters under the spotlight with no lag in sight.

Then there’s the sound—the bangs, the moans, the eerie quiet, it makes the air thick with tension. The music knows when to be quiet and when to rev up, matching every moment perfectly.

The game’s smooth. It’s got all the comfy movement options, like teleporting and snap turns. No crazy parkour here, just good old-fashioned walking around without feeling queasy.

Not All Sunshine

It’s not perfect, though. I saw a glitch or two, like a zombie getting a case of the twitches or a door freaking out. Buddy did some weird things as well. And yep, the game crashed on me two times. Still, these didn’t ruin the fun; they were just speed bumps on a very entertaining road. I can see the bugs being really annoying for some players though, so bear that in mind.


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Arizona Sunshine 2 is what you want in a zombie VR game. It’s got the guts, the fun, and a darn good story. The game isn’t breaking new ground, but it doesn’t need to—it does what it does extremely well. The story’s simple yet powerful, the weapons feel better, and the pacing’s tip-top.

But it’s not the deepest game out there. It could do with a better sense of getting stronger and finding newer, cooler weapons. The collecting and crafting feel half-baked. And, yeah, carrying gear is kind of a hassle, with too little space to really dive into all the fun guns you find. There are also some bugs that were annoying.

Yet, here I am, still thinking about Buddy and the last zombie I took down as the sun set over the Arizona wasteland. Arizona Sunshine 2 might just be more zombies, more shooting, and more bad jokes, but it’s also a load of VR fun, a great story, and a dog that’s worth fighting for. And for me, that makes it well worth strapping on the headset for this wild ride with Buddy at my side.

My score: 9/10

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