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Barton Lynch Pro Surfing – the best surfing game on Steam?

Surfing is a pretty cool sport, you know? You take a board, throw yourself into the ocean, and ride waves like some sort of water wizard. But the truth is, I’m nowhere near an ocean, and my balance is about as solid as a baby deer on ice. That’s exactly why I found myself intrigued by Barton Lynch Pro Surfing. I thought, hey, maybe I can be a surf champ in the virtual world, at least.

Getting My Feet Wet

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Starting up, the game tosses you two options: play as a pro or create your own custom surfer. Now, being the dreamer that I am, I created my own dude. I won’t lie, it was sort of like playing with dolls, dressing him up, and giving him a surfboard that was way cooler than anything I’d ever own in real life.

The game has a few modes. I dove straight into the tutorial because, honestly, I know zilch about surfing. This part was like having a friend who’s way too into surfing explaining things at warp speed. You bet I was back doing some sections over and over until I could actually stay upright on the board.

Testing the Waters

Clay Pipe wading

After enough of school time, I hit up Freesurf mode to mess around without pressure. It’s pretty sweet because you can change weather and wave types. If you ever wanted to play God with the ocean, this is your chance.

But the meat of the game is the World Surf Tour. Here’s where I got to pretend I was chasing the surf pro dream. Wins mean money and fame, and you get to travel to cool places and slap logos on your stuff. Sponsors, take note, I’m available for hire.

You need cash for all the big tournaments, and let’s just say my surfing skills didn’t immediately translate to a big bank account. That’s where Challenge mode becomes your best buddy, offering a chance to win cash and get back on tour without hurting your wallet or yourself.

Camera Shy

Felicity 1

Alright, real talk – the camera in this game can be your worst enemy. Trying to keep an eye on your surfer while waves crash over is tougher than one of those impossible whack-a-mole games. You’re supposed to use the UI to help you, but it’s like trying to text and drive. Spoiler: you’ll wipe out. A lot.

For the Love of Surf


Look, the game makes it very clear it’s not here to butter you up. No one’s handing out trophies just for showing up. If you’re into surfing and you know your stuff, you’ll have an easier time. For clueless folks like me, it’s like learning to read Martian. But man, when you nail it, it feels like the purest form of victory.

Riding a Wave

Clay 2

Visually, the game is a mix of “Wow!” and “Oh wow… that’s rough”. The ocean sometimes looks mighty strange, but when you’re shredding those waves, do you really care? I’d like to say no, but every time I landed a trick and saw my surfer dude’s jerky movements, it felt a bit like watching a puppet with someone yanking the strings too hard.

Character models are kind of a horror show. Creating your surfer can be a gamble between “Hey, that looks kinda like me”, and “When did I step into a low-budget horror movie?” But once you’re in the zone, none of that matters because it’s just you and the sea.

Sounds of the Surf

Music and sounds matter. They got decent tunes to bob your head to, and the ocean sounds like, well, an ocean. Even the voice acting does the trick. It’s not going to blow your mind, but it won’t make your ears hurt either.

Is it the best surfing game on Steam, PC right now?

Barton 2

Rating time. It’s a bit like trying to decide if pineapple belongs on pizza. Some people will absolutely dig Barton Lynch Pro Surfing because it scratches that surf itch. Others will bail because it’s rough around the edges.

To wrap it up, if you can look past the quirky looks, the game is a bucket of fun with surfboards. It’s a chance to live out your surfer dreams, even if you’re landlocked and clumsy. It’s packed with stuff to do, and pulling off cool moves feels pretty awesome.

Would I recommend it? If you’ve ever caught yourself watching surfing on TV and thought “I wanna try that”, then yeah, give it a whirl. Just don’t expect it to be all sunshine and rainbows from the get-go. There’s a learning curve steep as a monster wave. But once you get the hang of it, you’re in for a wild, virtual ride on the waves. It’s definitely one of the best surfing games on PC right now.

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