BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER is a reimagination of the classic rhythm platformer called BIT.TRIP RUNNER. Developed by Choice Provisions, this title combines a refreshing visual overhaul, a fantastic soundtrack, and the addition of a level editor that truly empowers players to unleash their creativity. With over 150 obstacle-filled levels, a trippy art style, and the inclusion of every song from the BIT.TRIP series, this game offers an unparalleled experience for both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Visuals and Art Style


BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER features a visually stunning overhaul powered by the Unreal 5 engine. The trippy art style transports players into a mesmerizing and vibrant world filled with colorful blocky environments that pulsate and groove to the beat of the music. The attention to detail in the level design is praiseworthy, as each stage is meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly with the rhythm-driven gameplay. The revamped visuals breathe new life into the game while staying true to the nostalgic charm of the original BIT.TRIP series.

Soundtrack and Audio Design

One of the standout aspects of BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER is its exceptional soundtrack. This game pays homage to the entire BIT.TRIP saga, incorporating tracks from BEAT, CORE, VOID, FATE, FLUX, RUNNER, Runner2, and Runner3. The fully remixed soundtrack enhances the immersion, providing an infectious blend of chiptune beats and electronic melodies that perfectly complement the gameplay. The audio design is seamless, every jump, slide, and interaction is intricately synchronized with the music, creating a sublime audiovisual experience that resonates with players long after the game is turned off.

Gameplay Mechanics and Level Design


The core gameplay mechanics of BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER remain faithful to the original game, combining precise platforming with rhythm-based challenges. However, this iteration introduces new powers inspired by the previous BIT.TRIP titles, injecting fresh elements into the gameplay and offering experienced players new tools to navigate the levels with finesse.

The level design in this revamped version has undergone significant improvements, addressing the frustrations that some players encountered in the original release. The revamped levels strike a perfect balance between preserving the challenging nature of the game and providing an accessible experience. The addition of well-placed checkpoints alleviates unnecessary frustration while maintaining the overall difficulty curve.

Moreover, the bosses in this iteration have received a revamp, adding depth and diversity to the boss battles. These encounters are not only challenging but also showcase the developers’ creativity and understanding of the original game’s mechanics.

Runner Maker: Unleash Your Creativity


BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER introduces the highly anticipated Runner Maker, an exceptional addition that sets this game apart from its predecessors. This user-friendly level editor allows players to unleash their creativity and design custom levels tailored to their imagination. The editor offers an array of tools to adjust obstacles, fine-tune beat-driven gameplay, and create complex challenges. With the ability to share these levels with the community, aspiring game designers can inspire and be inspired by fellow players, creating a truly limitless rhythm gaming adventure.

Community Engagement and Future Updates

The developers behind BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER have exhibited a remarkable commitment to engaging with the community. The inclusion of a Community Zone within the game allows players to access trending levels, partake in time-exclusive challenges, and check friend/player ranks. The active participation of the developers in the forums and their responsiveness to feedback is commendable, ensuring that the game remains a vibrant and evolving experience.

Also, the developers have expressed their plans to provide updates and additional content in the future, demonstrating their dedication to the longevity and growth of the game. This ongoing commitment to enhancing the player experience solidifies BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER as a title that will continue to captivate players and foster a thriving community.



BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER is not simply a remake, but a triumphant love letter to the entire BIT.TRIP saga. It successfully combines nostalgia with innovation and breathes new life into an indie classic. The care and attention put into every aspect of the game, from its revamped visuals, exceptional soundtrack, refined gameplay mechanics, and the inclusion of the highly anticipated Runner Maker, showcase the love and dedication the developers have for the series.

The level of polish in BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER is unparalleled, with tiny details and nods to the original games scattered throughout the experience. The inclusion of a Historical Gallery, featuring fan art, developer letters, and the original BIT.TRIP poems, demonstrates the developers’ deep appreciation for the fans and the series’ rich history.


BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER is a great revival of the rhythm gaming genre. With its revitalized visuals, exceptional soundtrack, refined gameplay mechanics, and the addition of the Runner Maker, this game offers an unparalleled experience that is sure to captivate both long-time fans and newcomers alike. Choice Provisions has crafted a masterpiece that not only celebrates the essence of the BIT.TRIP series but pushes the boundaries of what a rhythm platformer can achieve.

At an affordable price point, BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER is a must-have for rhythm game enthusiasts, retro aesthetics aficionados, and anyone looking for an immersive and gratifying gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats, overcome challenging obstacles, and unleash your creativity with the Runner Maker – BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER is an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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