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Fae Farm Review: Farming Adventure with Surprises

Welcome to the enchanting isle of Azoria, where humans and fae live harmoniously in Fae Farm. As a newcomer and farmer, you’ll immerse yourself in the cozy and captivating world of Azoria, filled with bountiful crops, endearing critters, and intriguing quests. But Fae Farm offers much more than your typical farming game, as it seamlessly weaves together elements of exploration, combat, resource management, and magical abilities. Join me on this entrancing journey as we delve into the whimsical world of Fae Farm.


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Fae Farm offers a delightful mix of activities and gameplay mechanics that keep you engaged and entertained throughout your farming journey. From tending crops and caring for adorable creatures like Mamoos and Chickoos, to exploring mines and foraging for resources, there is always something new and exciting to do. The game’s story takes you on a whimsical adventure through different areas of Azoria, introducing you to charming characters and offering quests that add depth to the experience.

One of the standout features of Fae Farm is its unique combat system. Although simple to grasp, it adds an unexpected layer of excitement to the gameplay. Armed with a magic staff and an arsenal of spells, you’ll face off against enemies ranging from animated statues to musical instruments. Utilizing potions and strategic spell usage becomes crucial in overcoming these adversaries and exploring the deeper realms of the mines.

The construction mode in Fae Farm is another aspect that sets it apart from other farming games. Building and placing farm plots and machinery is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive menu system. No more running back and forth to storage or manually selecting materials – everything is seamlessly taken care of. Whether you’re polishing gems, weaving wool, or baking delicious recipes, the construction mode makes it a breeze to create and manage your farm.

World and Visuals

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Fae Farm is a visual treat, seamlessly blending hand-painted landscapes, vibrant colors, and charming character art. As you explore Azoria, the world unfolds in all its beauty, with lush fields, sparkling rivers, and mysterious forests. The attention to detail is commendable, and the designs of food, creatures, and monsters exude charm and creativity. It feels like stepping into a timeless illustrated storybook.

The game’s aesthetics are complemented by a soothing and enchanting soundtrack that perfectly captures the whimsical atmosphere of Azoria. Each area has its distinct melodies, immersing you further into the world and setting the tone for your farming adventures. As you tend to your farm or embark on quests, the music guides you on this magical journey.

Farming Mechanics

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Fae Farm offers a satisfying farming experience that strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and depth. You’ll find yourself engaged in a routine of planting, watering, and harvesting crops, reaping the rewards of your hard work. The game introduces a wide variety of crops, each with its unique growth requirements and characteristics, encouraging experimentation and strategic planning.

In addition to crops, animal husbandry is another integral part of Fae Farm. Taking care of adorable creatures like Mamoos and Chickoos adds a delightful touch to the farming gameplay. Feeding and nurturing them ensures a steady supply of resources, such as milk and eggs, for your various crafting and cooking needs. The inclusion of different livestock in the Fae Realm, such as Spriggans and Lunens, adds another layer of depth to farming and expands your options for resource management.

Crafting and Potions

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Fae Farm introduces a clever and inventive system of crafting and potion-making, where potions act as valuable tools in your farming and combat endeavors. From a potion that waters crops as you walk to a whirlwind spell that allows you to gather multiple crops at once, the range of potions available adds convenience and efficiency to your daily activities. Crafting potions is effortless, and they can be both utilized and sold for a tidy profit.

Home and Decoration

Your home in Fae Farm serves not only as a place to rest and recover but also as an outlet for your creativity. The game offers a diverse range of decorative items that can enhance your health, energy, and mana levels, giving you a boost as you start each day. Decorating your home adds a personal touch and creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere. It’s a small but impactful feature that makes your farm feel like a true sanctuary.

Multiplayer Experience

Fae Farm Multiplayer

Fae Farm allows multiplayer gameplay, enabling you to team up with friends and explore the world of Azoria together. Whether you want to collectively tackle challenging mine levels or simply enjoy the farming experience side by side, the multiplayer function offers a delightful way to share the enchantment of Fae Farm with others. While I didn’t extensively test the multiplayer mode, it promises an engaging and cooperative experience.

Community Concerns

While Fae Farm is a delightful and captivating experience, a few notable concerns have been voiced by the community. The game’s initial price point has been a subject of discussion, with some feeling that it is steep compared to other farming games on the market. However, it’s worth noting that the full price includes all future DLC, and the game still offers an extensive amount of content and gameplay hours to justify the investment.

Another criticism relates to the absence of a shipping bin and the restriction on the number of items that can be sold per day. Some players have expressed a desire for more freedom in selling larger quantities of items. Though these concerns do impact the pacing and economy of the game, they do not significantly detract from the overall enjoyment and engagement.


Fae Farm is a beautiful and immersive farming game that combines captivating visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a whimsical world to create a truly magical experience. The game’s blend of farming, combat, exploration, and resource management offers a refreshing twist on the genre. While the lackluster NPC interactions and social dynamics may leave some players hoping for more depth, it’s the sheer charm and attention to detail in every aspect of Fae Farm that sets it apart. With its multitude of activities, expansive world, and soothing soundtrack, Fae Farm stands as a delightful addition to the farming game genre, enchanting players with its whimsy and warmth.

Fae Farm is available right now on Steam, Epic Games and on Nintendo Switch.

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