black skylands guide
black skylands guide

Black Skylands: The Ultimate Guide

In the following guide, we are going to walk you through the quite big world of Black Skylands – an adventurous mix of shooters, sandbox, RPG, and strategy game developed by Hungry Couch Games. As you delve into this gaming arena, equip yourself with the information to navigate across skies, survive battles, collect resources, and adventure into the unknown territories yet conquer them.

Exploring the Basics

Just as the name suggests, Black Skylands takes place in the open skies where you control a customizable skyship. The game world consists of floating islands, and you can move between these by steering your airship. Each of these islands is crawling with enemies and is home to resources that you need for survival and progress in the game.

Not all locations are accessible from the start of the game. However, as you progress and complete specific tasks, the map starts to reveal itself, and more landmarks become available.

Map with all chests in Black Skylands

Gameplay Elements

In Black Skylands, you assume the role of Eva, a young woman who stands fearlessly against the foes to reclaim her homeland. As Eva, you will:

  • Battle enemies
  • Explore floating lands
  • Collect resources
  • Build and manage your base
  • Raise and command creatures

HUD and Controls

The game’s HUD and controls are pretty straightforward. There’s a health bar to tell you when things are going south and need immediate action. You can see the number of grenades available, the current weapon equipped, and ammo left for the weapon. There’s also an energy meter for your helper creatures, a compass for navigation, and your inventory.

Standard parameters for the control system are ASDW for movement, left click for shooting, right-click to aim, the space bar for jumping, and E to interact with objects. If you don’t feel comfortable with these, don’t worry! Everything is customizable to match your personal preferences and playstyle.

Building Your Base

One of the key components of Black Skylands is to create and manage your main base, known as the Fathership. This floating fortress will be your home, workshop, and defense against invaders.

Building the Fathership requires various resources. You start with rudimentary buildings but quickly start adding more critical structures like factories to manufacture weapons, resources, and other essentials. Don’t forget to keep security measures too because raiders are always lurking, and they don’t miss any opportunity they get.


The action in Black Skylands is intense, and combat is an ongoing, inevitable component of the gaming experience. You’ll be fighting both in the air with your skyship and on the ground as Eva. Make sure you equip the best weapons, highest grade ammo, and a sturdy ship to ensure your survival in the battle.

Remember, your foes will constantly try to infiltrate your nest and destroy your haven, and they will be successful if your defense is not up-to-par. So, make sure you build proper defenses for your Fathership.

Resource Gathering

Just like any other open-world RPG, Black Skylands puts a high emphasis on resource gathering. Materials required for building and upgrades can be farmed from different islands. Some are common; others are scarce. It’s all about exploration and finding the right spots.

However, resource-gathering does not come easy. The islands are crawling with enemies, so remember to equip your weapons before setting out for resource exploration.


Solutions to puzzles in Black Skylands

  1. Memory Puzzle:
    • The memory puzzle seems straightforward. You need to use your memory to recall the order of symbols. This is very simple puzzle. Look for a sequence of symbols and then replicate that sequence.
  2. Scales Puzzle:
    • In the scales order puzzle, you have four boxes with symbols (x, o, △, ▢) and a small weight for each box. The goal is to arrange the boxes from left to right based on their weight, from heaviest to lightest. Weights can be determined by comparing the boxes. For example, if the box with x is the heaviest, followed by o, △, and ▢, then arrange them in that order.
  3. Good Setting Puzzle:
    • The good setting puzzle involves setting a wheel with symbols (x, o, △, ▢) on the right side. There may be a visual representation or a blurred version of these symbols on the wheel. Your task is to set the wheel according to the provided guide. The challenge may arise from the blurriness of the symbols. Carefully match the blurred symbols on the wheel to the clear symbols in the guide and adjust the wheel accordingly.

Often players encounter common challenges and puzzles in Black Skylands. They are not yet stuck per se, but are slightly confused about their progress. Here are some notable and common challenges along with their solutions:

Dealing with Ship Weight:

Unlocking and equipping various ship components might increase your ship weight beyond its carrying capacity. To manage this, you need to upgrade your factory to gain access to new skyships. These new skyships usually have a more substantial weight capacity.

Fast Travelling:

You can fast travel between any previously-visited fuel stations and the Fathership. Interact with the shop attendant at the Fathership for fast travel. You can also fast travel from your ship to the Fathership through your map.

Weapon upgrades:

It’s important to note that the weapon upgrades and mods in Black Skylands work differently than many other games. You can’t mod every weapon. Unique weapons that NPCs reward you can’t be moded.

These are just a few of countless adventures that Black Skylands has to offer. The charm of open-world games like Black Skylands is that even after hours of gameplay, there’s still something new and exciting to explore.

While the challenges in the game can be quite demanding, they are also what make the game an entertaining and addictive experience. Keep learning from your experiences; successful or not so successful, both are stepping stones in the journey of a true adventurer.

FAQ’s on Black Skylands Gameplay

Q: How do I know how much moth energy I have remaining?

A: Look at the lower left corner of the game’s interface, you’ll see white hearts just above your green health bar. The white hearts indicate remaining moth energy.

Q: Does my moth need energy to perform all of its abilities?

A: No, your moth only needs energy to revive your fallen character and deposit her back at your skyship. It does not need energy for fast travel or to move crates back to your skyship.

Q: How do I unlock special abilities for my moth?

A: To unlock your moth’s special abilities, you need to complete the southern mission where you free several groups of moths, including a boss battle. This unlocks additional abilities such as transport resource crates to your ship, and transport your character back to your skyship.

Q: How do I get Nettles?

A: Nettles are a type of crop that you grow. You need to build a Trader’s Square (cost: 2 Red Wood) on your Father’s Ship, which allows you to buy Nettle seeds. You can then sow those Nettle seeds at your Garden building.

Q: How do I get pigskins?

A: You get pigskins from your piglets. Either buy piglets from a Trader’s Square or raise them in the Ranch Building on your Father’s Ship.

Q: Where and how do I get Plates?

A: Plates can be got usually from the rocket ship near Iron Burgeon. Defeating ships on the left-half of the map drops them pretty regularly (the area near Iron-burgeon drops 1-3 materials each, and they usually drop plates).

Q: How do ship Shields work?

A: The Needle Ship’s Shields are ACTIVE abilities, NOT passive. Use SHIFT key to ACTIVATE your ship’s shield just before enemy cannon fire is about to hit it.

Q: How do I use a grenade?

A: On keyboard, press G; for controller press down the control stick and the right. On basically the stick called R3.

Q: Can I replace my pistol with another weapon?

A: No, you can’t place a rifle, SMG, etc. in the pistol slot, you can only equip them in other two weapon slots. You can make better pistols, after upgrading the building that produces them.

Q: What does the “Roll to Reload” weapon modifier do?

A: It means that whenever your character rolls on the ground, a couple of bullets are added to its magazine, even if you have zero ammo for that weapon.

Q: What are my Fast Travel options?

A: Fathership to Any Fuel Station, Any Fuel Station to Fathership or Any Other Fuel Station, Player Ship to Father Ship, Player via Moth call to Skyship.

Q: Why can’t I interact with the bird nests? What are the bird nests for?

A: Bird nests are part of a separate Fast Travel system that you unlock during a later storyline quest. It is used to travel from nest-to-nest via a friendly Giant Bird.

Q: Can I fast travel to locations other than the Father Ship?

A: Yes, you can fast travel to any fuel station once you’ve visited it. You use the shop attendant on the north side of the Father Ship to travel to any distant fuel stations.

Q: How do I explode dynamite?

A: Place an explosive barrel next to it and shoot it. Use a grenade that you will get later in the game. Or third option, use a fuel container.