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reWASD is now banned in MW2, Warzone, Apex, The Finals

reWASD is a software application designed for remapping and customizing controls for various input devices, particularly game controllers. It allows users to reassign buttons and configure various settings to tailor the input controls according to their preferences. This can be useful for gamers who want to optimize their gaming experience by personalizing controller layouts.

Now, in January 2024 users of reWASD are getting banned for using it in competitive FPS games such as MW2, Warzones, Apex Legends and The Finals.

Is reWASD a cheat? Why it’s getting banned in games?

The reWASD app allowed players using a mouse and keyboard on PC to activate aim assist features in the games like Call of Duty, originally designed for controllers. Aim assist is a feature created to compensate for controllers’ inherent disadvantage in competitive shooters, aiming to level the playing field.

The use of reWASD to enable aim assist for mouse and keyboard players was considered a grey area, suggesting that it was not explicitly allowed or prohibited by the game developers. However, the game studios has now taken measures to ban the use of reWASD for this purpose. The reasoning behind the ban is that using aim assist with a mouse and keyboard disrupts the intended balance, as aim assist was specifically designed for controllers.

The developers of reWASD have stated that they do not plan to take any action to circumvent these measures, indicating that they acknowledge and respect the decision to ban the use of their app for enabling aim assist with mouse and keyboard setups.

Many players also used reWASD for accessibility reasons and for the rapid trigger feature, but that doesn’t matter – anyone using it will get a ban in the mentioned online multiplayer games.

Is there an alternative to reWASD?

Yes, the most popular alternative is ds4windows, which is very similar software. Maybe it will be banned in future too, but that’s unknown.

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