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Reviews – is it safe and legit?

Nowadays purchasing video games has shifted significantly from physical copies to digital downloads. With the rise of digital marketplaces, there has also been...


My Time At Portia review

My Time at Portia is an Adventure Life Simulation game that recently released for consoles, and it’s the evolution to the genre I’ve been waiting for since I...


TerraTech review

TerraTech promises fun vehicle building action, yet could have used a more time in development, as it just doesn’t do what it promised well on consoles...


Geometry Arena review

Geometry Arena is a game made by a Chinese developer 011 Games. The game was originally made in Chinese and then translated to English. I stumbled upon it...


DARQ review

DARQ Complete Edition is a game worth recommending for the Nintendo Switch. The production from Unforld Games will absorb fans of nightmares and puzzles. Until...